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About Your Shoot Boudoir photography in Las Vegas. The two just fit together as perfectly as blackjack and free cocktails. Available 24/7, Deidra works with an all-star all female team that will help you unleash your inner sexy. It's a fun and flirty gift for him, or to just keep for

Boudoir Hair and Makeup Expert
Have a seat, kick back and relax and let my all female team of hair and makeup wizards work their magic. My tireless stylists work on celebrities, showgirls, professional models and you. Remember playing dress up? This is like that but on steroids and a cup of strong coffee.

If you feel good about yourself and your look when I turn my camera on, it will show. That is why I start every boudoir session with about one hour of hair and makeup included in my pricing. Your hair and makeup artist will stay throughout the entire shoot to handle any makeup touchups and to keep primping that sexy bedroom hair. If you've got it - flaunt it. We will make sure you've got
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Get Dressed
Get Dressed
It's like Christmas morning - only more flirtatious. I want your experience with me to be amazing from the time we first speak to the moment I hand you your final photographs. That's why I put so much effort into hand packaging your disc of images. Whether your spicy pictures are for a spouse, partner, friend, lover - or just for you - undressing your photographs will be just as much fun as them undressing you.

Anticipation can be a good thing but I think you should not have to wait to recieve your final images. That is why I will hand deliver your disc the very next day. Additionally, each photograph will be edited by hand. Again, I want this experience to be amazing for you.

I offer a wide array of options in addition to your disc of photographs - albums, flirty custom magazines, calendars, etc. If you have an idea for anything you want to put your sexy on, just ask and let's come up with an awesome concept for your
So whats Next

Ready for your closeup? You can contact me via email, phone, text, twitter, facebook or smoke signal 24 hours a day. Ask me questions, tell me what you are looking for and let's get your photoshoot booked.

My boudoir sessions are for women only on a closed set - sorry guys, you will just have to wait to see your woman's supermodel skills in her photographs. Click below to go to my contact page, I cannot wait for you to meet my camera and I - we are going to have fun.

So whats Next