As a Las Vegas family photographer, and a mother of two little boys, I am well aware of how fast time flies - and how much I want to hold on to every moment, even the ones that make me a little crazy. I'm guilty myself of not taking "enough" family photos. Everyone assumes that I must have a million beautiful photos of my boys - and I do - on my iPhone - just like you! But when it comes time to really savor the moments with our children or our relationship with our partner as it grows and changes, I think

having someone there to document that connection can be such a blessing. I treasure the sessions I've done with my own little ones and I know, more than anyone, that I can't ever get those little fingers and toes back. Once the dimples on their knuckles disappear, the next milestones are just on the horizon.

Let me help you freeze time. You know you want to. I mean, I want to. Even the crazy times. Let's do it.


Family photo time! Dun dun DUNNNNNNNNNN. I know. I used to feel like that, too. But then I got over it and realized that making memories is way more important than finding the perfect dress to wear. Some of my favorite photos of my boys are the ones where their faces are dirty, or they just got a terrible haircut, or someone made THAT face. You know the one that only your child can make. In 20 years, that's what I honestly want to look back on. I can slick down their hair any day (I can't speak for girls, because I don't have any - but I imagine that getting them to sit still for hair has to be equally as painful, right? Please tell me I'm right). I don't want to pretend that things are perfect. I want to laugh with you guys and be silly with you and snap all those in-between moments. Where one kid walks off set and the other ones laugh about it. It would be my greatest honor to capture these moments for your family.

Families can be difficult for a photographer without experience in the real world. Honestly, before I had kids, I had exactly…no clue. Not a one. I had no patience for crying babies, I didn’t understand the ebb and flow of family dynamics, and I had no sensitivity for the parents that struggled to get their little ones to “cooperate.” (please note my air quotes around “cooperate”) Fast forward several years and my boys (currently ages six and one) have taught me that patience is not only a learned skill but one that you hone daily. Family dynamics can change by the minute. “Uncooperative kids” (there go the air quotes again) can almost always be encouraged to play and be silly, and I can shoot from a distance to help them gain confidence in the session. I’m not here to deliver squeaky clean images. But I will sit in the dirt and play Hot Wheels or Harry Potter or act like a duck if it cracks the code. I once even let a little girl put rocks in my boots just because it made her laugh. I won’t judge you for bringing bribes, and I WILL give you images of your family that you will treasure foreverandeverandever. Click below and tell me all about your vision and let’s make it happen!