Bridal boudoir is one of my favorite things to photograph.

Okay, okay – I love everything I shoot, so I can’t really pick a favorite – but that is totally not the point of this post. Back to the post…

This beautiful client was looking for the perfect groom’s gift – and she stumbled upon my site and instantly knew what she wanted to do. The running joke in my house is that I had no idea that bridal boudoir even existed when I got married – but Mr. Wilson still tells me all the time what a cool surprise that would have been (coming from a guy that is really tough to surprise).

On to the hotness! Oh, and can I please have your hair? I promise I’ll use it for nothing but good.



A little veil action never hurt anyone. Ever. Especially when it’s backlit. Yes, please.


I’m quite sure that if you told me to to make a blingy bridal boudoir bouquet I would burn down the Pinterest headquarters, just out of principle (disclaimer – not really – I’m not that kind of girl). But truly, it would not look this fantastic. She etsyed and ebayed and thrifted her way to this bad boy and then put it all together with a whole lotta wires and hot glue. I am totally not this crafty.


Most brides work really hard to feel incredibly put together and beautiful before their wedding. I know I did. Everything was finally coming together nicely – hair, nails, no carbs. Not really. I love carbs. Ha! This is such a sweet (and ballsy) way to freeze that moment in time. Congrats to my beautiful client and her very lucky groom!

I get a lot of people calling these days to see if I can shoot their Las Vegas courthouse wedding. I think the trend and pull of the Vegas quickie wedding still holds so much power for so many. Maybe you want to elope because it’s faster, or cheaper – or because your family is driving you crazy and you don’t want 300 people at your ceremony and you justwanttotelleachotherhowmuchyouloveeachotherandgetonwithyourlife. Whatever your reason, it’s totally fine to want images that aren’t too terribly cheesy and won’t make your mom cry when she looks at them 10 years later. By the way, if that happens to you, it’s also totally fine to book an anniversary shoot – I do tons of those. More than you might think!!

Anyhow, you decided to do things quick and dirty – you want cool pics? Book a two hour session and get your photo shoot on, kids. See below for how to do a Vegas courthouse wedding:

Step one – realize that it’s happening. Get mildly giddy as the afternoon wears on.





The giddyness is becoming more and more prevalent. Just go with it.





Arrive in style to the little window where you’ll sign on the dotted line.



Wait nervously while the judge tries to memorize how to pronounce your names. She’s doing her best. (PS – if you want an officiant to create a beautiful, personalized and memorable ceremony – we can do that, too – call Angie and click here! She can also do quick and dirty – anywhere you want!)


Exchange vows – quickly, now!



Be proud of yourselves in the elevator on the way down.


No really – be PROUD of yourselves!



And that, my dear friends, is how to do a Vegas courthouse wedding. Happy Tuesday. And you’re welcome.


She told me in our consult that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do any nude shots. She had carefully picked out several things to wear and we had styled them together. We had shot all of those and had an extra 20 minutes left to keep shooting her last set, or to do something different. I always ask my clients what their level of comfort is, and no one is asked to step beyond those limits. But I showed her a bodyscape as an option and the answer turned into a resounding YES.

I. Love. This. I love how much a client has to trust me to go for bodyscape shots. Yep – you’ve gotta get all the way down to your…well, down to nothing. And when you’re down to nothing, the only thing left to see is purely you. Just lines and curves and shadows and light. That’s it. And there’s nothing more beautiful than that. And see? Nude doesn’t have to be raunchy – unless that’s what you’re going for. It can simply be a sliver of light.

This setup requires a bit more time to set up on my end, and a lot of courage on your part. But honestly, most of my clients find their courage about halfway through their shoot anyhow. So if you aren’t feeling quite this ballsy when we start – know that you’re also allowed to change your mind!

Feeling scared? Don’t be! I’m not. Skype with me and I’ll tell you anything you want to know about being shot naked. Or less naked than this. Or not naked at all. Don’t let fear hold you back from feeling courageous. Courage is defined as being afraid to do something, and then doing it anyway. And that doesn’t mean getting down to your skivvies and being shot by yours truly – it could be anything. Find the courage to celebrate yourself – no matter your age, weight or current self-worth. And find yourself in the process.


Ok guys – I never (like, ever) do this. But today is a tiny exception. Trey and Taryn were married today at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas. And I got to tag along all afternoon. I’m still awake thanks to my double espresso, my toddler is fast asleep and I’m flipping through images while they get all sorts of backed up and then backed up again. Sooooooo, enjoy a sneak peek.

But don’t tell anyone.

As a Las Vegas boudoir photographer, great light makes me happy. Like, happy dance inside happy. It’s soft and pretty and it wraps around my clients like a little slice of boudoir heaven. For a sexy photoshoot, light can make it or break it. Bad light can always be corrected with external lighting. But good light…good light makes me smile when I walk in the room. So, if you’re lucky enough to be booking your shoot before you book your room – call me and ask me the top ten places to shoot boudoir. I’ll gladly list them off for you. Then we can all do a happy dance. And we won’t even have to be all secretive about it.

PS – red lips are hot




I had no idea there existed such a thing as a short and sweet Catholic ceremony. But alas, you learn something new everyday. This gorgeous Las Vegas wedding ceremony was held near Lake Las Vegas, with truly just a handful of guests. Matt and Ashley are runners and were in town for a race – and a wedding.



I spy…Hello Kitty!!







Beautiful light. Undeniably.








What’s that you say? You’d like to wear retro iridium sunnies after the ceremony? I fully support that. For real.



Oh? And change into your running shoes, too – just for photos? Also fully supported.




I love when my clients bring their own style into a shoot. It doesn’t have to be all coordinated and dressy all the time. Wear sunnies and cute kicks. And show off your tattoos. Hashtag dowhatyouwant – after all, it IS Vegas…

the in between boudoir photographer las vegas

As a Las Vegas boudoir photographer, I do a lot of test shots for each boudoir photoshoot that I do. I don’t use a traditional light meter – I use the one in my camera and I simply take a shot, see what I want to change, make the changes and get to shooting. I tell my clients that they can make ridiculous faces while I do this, as these shots almost never see the light of day. Unless it’s one of these. She is so clearly contemplating something. I can see it in her face. And I love that. I love the in between and what that means for each woman. What would it mean for you? Empowerment? Beauty? Fearlessness? Tell your story and let me know. Drop me a line at – I want to hear everything you have to say.

Sometimes, even when I don’t photograph a ceremony, we still get to create some incredible magic afterwards. These two were willing to wander to the streets of old Vegas with me for a few hours to do just that. Downtown Vegas has some iconic backdrops for a shoot – and they can be truly beautiful in their own classic way. Flashing lights and neon, here we come.

Las Vegas Wedding Photographers Dwontown Vegas








Behind every woman is a story. It takes balls to get naked (or even half naked) in front of strangers. But there’s always a reason why we feel compelled to do it. Perhaps you’re getting married, or celebrating your weight loss. Maybe you just need to find yourself again (hello? I feel like this ALL. THE. TIME. I think I might rediscover myself on a monthly basis). I wish I could hear every story that any woman ever wanted to tell. As a Las Vegas boudoir photographer, this beautiful exchange of information is what I thrive on. I’ve shot four clients this week and every single one of them has inspired me in some way. I love to feel how much power is created through this process. I love knowing that they all come out the other side, changed in some small (or big!) way. So, thank you – you all make my job, and my life, so incredibly rewarding – and I am so grateful for that.

Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer








They leaned into each other as the wind whipped around their bodies. All afternoon. That’s what we were fighting, but these two simply went with it – allowing the day and our time together to simply unfold in its own way. We cannot control the weather and we cannot dictate if there will be duststorms on the lakebed. Sorry guys, I can honestly never tell what it will look like until we round that very last mountain and peek over to the south! This day, I actually pulled over before we even got on the highway to tell them that I had never seen so much dust in the air and that we might not even be able to shoot if it was really bad when we got down there.

They didn’t care, so we kept going! So from now on, a sense of adventure is required for all future photo shoots. :) It worked out fine and we just drove on past the storm and shot on the other side of it. If nothing else, I can promise a damn good time! And dirt in places you didn’t know existed.


Happy dusty shooting!