Las Vegas Boudoir Shoot

Holy bedroom hair!! Okay, my hair totes doesn’t look like this, even on a good day – and I can still take sexy pics with the best of them. So…it’s okay if you don’t have hair like this, either. Miss A is just naturally blessed!! PS The pic below is quite possible one of my top 5 hair and makeup BTS (behind the scenes) photos I’ve ever taken… So much glam in one image almost isn’t fair…

Las Vegas Boudoir Shoot

I posted the middle image below on Instagram last week, just to show you that a fancy pants wardrobe isn’t always necessary! These sessions are about you…not what you’re wearing, or which hotel room you booked, or what your lingerie budget is, or anything else you can dream up.

You. The session is about you. Reconnecting and discovering a side of yourself that you don’t get to hang out with every day. And for that, please feel free to wear a slouchy sweater. Or a cut off tank top. Or be naked. Whatever you feel like wearing will suit me JUST fine!

Las Vegas Boudoir Shoot

Now it’s your turn! Call me and let’s do it – no matter what you want to wear! Click below whenever you’re ready (and even if you think you aren’t – click anyway – don’t be scared!). ♥

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Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

Rain is good luck on your wedding day! Even more so if you get married in Las Vegas. Because it rains here about 7 times a year. Bonus points if you wear your uniform and your wife is hilarious and you give us history lessons on the Uber ride.

Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

The gold wall at Mandarin Oriental is actually amazing in black and white. Who would’ve known?

Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

Illicit casino pics. Sorry, casino – this one was a happy accident.

Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

This overhang tops my architectural spots in Vegas. All of those lines make my heart sing!

Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

Blurry kisses for the wedding day win!

Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

So, even if it doesn’t rain, and you don’t have a uniform – I hope you guys are ready to be hilarious (PS – I’m hilarious – so if you’re not, it’s okay – I’ll be happy to make an ass of myself at my own expense which takes all the pressure off of you!). Call me and let’s make it happen!

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Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

Even if you don’t dance, you should dance on your wedding day. Even if it’s only for all of twelve seconds. Especially to show off your dress. And your shoes! Because…the shoes…

Las Vegas Neon Museum Wedding Photos

Las Vegas Neon Museum Wedding Photos

It just never gets old. Honestly. This location is classic Vegas and a fantastic place to tie the knot amongst all the history.

Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

A little intentional blur never hurt anyone. And the light in the afternoon… le sigh!

Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

The parting shots can be some of the best. I wish our afternoons would never end. However, I’m quite sure you guys all have raucous plans for afterwards! Tell me about them – I want to know!

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Confidence is key. And even if you don’t actually feel it, you can fake it for a few hours. And I will help you…because I want you to come out the other side of your session feeling on top of the world. I can promise you that you will reap more from this experience than you could possibly imagine. Clients tell me, again and again, how much more in touch with themselves they feel…how much more confident they are…and how this session has changed them for the better. Maybe you’re thinking about doing this as a gift for someone – but the truth is – the gift to yourself is immensely meaningful, and long lasting. You deserve nothing less – so let’s get it on!



Now is the time – time to see yourself for who you truly are – a beautiful and confident woman. A woman that can conquer anything. Including her fear of being half naked in front of a stranger for 90 minutes. Because, let’s be honest – there are worse things! Let me show you how a few hours can change your life.



I present to you Dave and Cat – and this ceremony was one for the books. Her dress is floor length FRINGE. Not even kidding. Fringe. To the floor.


The Neon Museum is a Vegas classic and perfect for a smaller affair. The North Gallery offers half hour opportunities for elopements and has a TON of great backdrops for your ceremony and subsequent session.




See? Even mom and dad love it!


Dad can’t stop taking behind the scenes shots (where are they? I’ll Instagram them if you send them to meeee!!).






And now it’s your turn! You’re here reading this blog for a reason, right? I want to photograph you, too!! Let’s make it awesome (Neon Museum or not)!



Miss T – hot damn. Throw your head back and let ’em have it. I’m sure the view from the pool was one to remember! This is one helluva way to start your Monday, girls. So call me!! Click below to make it happen.



This little red house makes me happy. When people think of Las Vegas photo shoots, they probably aren’t imagining an adorable red and white house, or a white picket fence – but we have it! We have it and you can have it, too. Spring Mountain Ranch is the best place to get Red Rock views without paying a Red Rock permit (disclaimer: SMR also has a permit fee, but the fee is only $50, which is downright reasonable!).


See? White picket fence!




On a side note, look at how sweetly they match! Not TOO matchy matchy, just a hint of matchy matchy! Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean that you are now one and the very same. You can still wear your very own clothes. True story.


Have an amazing week and click below to contact me now – I can’t wait to hear from you!



I adore this woman. She has come to see me twice now!! This was our second shoot, and somehow even more fun than the first because the element of nerves was (mostly) gone by the time I walked in the door!


Bodyscapes are a classic and so much fun to shoot. This setup requires a bit more time, but it’s totally worth it!!


And yes – you’ll hear me preach it about 67 more times this month, but be free! It’s okay to be sensual and sexual and feel good about yourself.

Be joyous. Be goofy. Be yourself. Be free!!



Erika and Karine came down from Canada to tie the knot in a beautiful…downtown alley! That’s right! If you want the pretty backdrops, you must be willing to hang out with some colorful characters! A huge shout out to the amazing Angie Kelly from Peachy Keen Unions – this incredible soul will tie the knot for you anywhere – even in an alley!

Below, the nerves before exchanging rings – they are each holding the wedding band for the other, and twisting them around, over and over, just waiting for that moment.


A little sunset beach art never hurt anyone!



Our final stop was at the Neon Museum – a favorite of mine if you haven’t been paying attention! Check out that sunflare. swoon






Ahhhh, the balconies at MGM Grand are to die for. Ever since they updated the decor, I think I’m in love. The light is spectacular and the views are second to none. Apart from the balcony, I really do love the process of coaching a client through the emotions of the afternoon. It’s hard to feel vulnerable and sexy at the same time – but that’s my job, not yours! We will run the gamut from pleasure to longing to joy. It’s tiring and uplifting at the same time. It produces what I am calling the “boudoir high.” I can’t wait to walk you through it so you can see for yourself!