I have a pretty big secret… I love the Strip the most before 11am. Yup. I can’t even lie. Just check out the light behind these two in their images. Yes, they went to the Neon Museum, too, which is always a killer spot…but those Strip shots in the morning were no joke. Maybe this is just what you’re looking for, too! Maybe you don’t want to fight off all the crowds in the evening. Maybe you like brighter images. If this is you…call me. I will totally go there with you bright and early!












Can I keep you guys?! And yes, the hamper made its way to me all the way from London. Your shortbread cookies are creating a problem in my house…as in – we can’t decide who gets the last one...

A Vegas wedding might conjure up quirky images of Elvis and little white chapels, but sometimes it’s all about the traditional white dress and lots of bling. This session included a few bridals and several bridal boudoir photos, too. I’m a big fan of two birds, one stone. So please don’t be to shy/embarrassed/whatever to ask about a bridal boudoir session in conjunction with your wedding shots. I do this a lot and it makes for a great way to start the big day!




So…shooting an engagement session in Red Rock Canyon is pretty much awesomesauce. Ohdeargoddidijustsaythat? Too bad. It is awesome. And picturesque. And fun. And awesome. And I just happen to know how you can get a permit to do it. pro tip: just ask me to do it for you


Even under the clouds, the colors are some of my favorites. Reds and creams and browns. Which all all just shades of happy if you ask me. Yeah, that’s little hippie, but I’m a little, teensieweensie bit hippie. On the inside, mostly.


When you have a permit, you are allowed (edit: encouraged) to hop fences and make friends with the cows. Seriously, permitted shooting is the bomb.




I asked if I could come and live in the barn/house. The rangers laughed. But I was actually sorta serious. The views donotsuck.





Keep it real, you guys – can’t wait to see the pics from the big day back home!!

Ladies. Listen up because shit just got real. I am hearing way too often that you are scared to book rightnow because you ‘don’t know how to look sexy in pictures’ – so, I’m calling bullshit. Bullshitbullshitbullshit. It is MY job to coach you and get you there – not yours. It’s my years of experience and patient expertise and goofy demo poses that get your body into the ‘right’ position or angle and makes you look like sexonwheels. This is not your job. Your job is to show up, mostly sober (okay, really totally sober is better because then you get to feel all the feels for reals!) and be ready to rock it the fuck out. Be ready to get down, get vulnerable and get sexy. I know it seems scary, but it truly doesn’t have to be. I’m really, really nice and I really, really know what I’m doing. I will not yell at you or be bossy or tell you to ‘look hot’ – because that’s just rude.

I promise I know how to get you there if you let me.

So there. Now you don’t have to be scared anymore.

PS if you’re still scared even after reading this incredibly convincing blog post, please call me and let’s talk about it – it’s actually totally okay to be nervous and I really, really want you to experience this for how you feel on the flip side. The flip side is the bomb. Do. It!!


If you haven’t noticed by  now – I take lots and lots of selfies and plaster them all over the internet. Most never make the blog – only Instagram or Facebook. But this little gem here, it deserved a post of it’s own. This is a total favorite trick of mine and usually incites some sort of ‘camera condom’ joke from the client. In reality, it’s a simple Ziploc bag (which, incidentally, simply cannot function as a condom so pleasedontblamemeforyourmisunderstanding!). This sweet little trick produces some of the softest and most beautiful flare and ghosting and fog around the edges of your images. It requires a patient (ha!) hand and lots of trial and error. But I think it’s the coolest trick in my bag. I have a few and I have actually been known to go back to a room to retrieve a bag that was left behind. Breaking them in is hard to do – you can’t just walk away from a relationship like that.

So try not to be shocked when I wrap my expensive gear in cheap ass plastic and get all excited about how pretty that shit is.


By the way – after I wrote this whole cute post about my Ziploc condom, I realized this particular shot is using bubble wrap. Also not useful as a condom. Please do not get confused.

It is no secret that I love my wedding clients. I love ALL my clients and I particularly adore when my weddings are a little quirky (note: this is not, by any means, my first Star Wars wedding). So please, let this post serve as notice that if you wear an R2D2 boutonniere to your photoshoot, I will take lots of pictures of it… And I will not even make fun of you. In fact, I will be very, very impressed with your boutonniere making skills and will rave about you on the interwebs. To everyone that reads my blog.



Love. That is all.



Check out the details!! She made her bouquet and brought it with her on the plane. My best guess – 8 pounds…?! You Pinterest girls just kill me with your artsy craftsy selves. My brooch bouquet would weigh like 1725 pounds and it would NOT look like that. I think I’ll stick to taking pictures of your bouquets – so bring it on (the plane)!






PS – R2D2 cufflinks in yo face… Look closely below! That little robot gets around…



More in-camera sorcery headed your way. Watch out, kids. I’m awesome. Tell all your friends.


I like your kicks, dude. Really – I do. And I can also still see your cufflinks.


And a sweet ass shot of those rings in front of that sparkly bouquet. I heart bokeh. And now it is known that I am a photography dork. If that means we can’t be friends, I accept my fate. #sorrynotsorry


Wedding Wednesday is officially underway!

Oh my holy hell. So this happened earlier this year and I finally get to share it with you! This very shoot inspired me to wear lace leggings and lounge around in modern chairs while holding my hair sexily above my head. Mr. Wilson thinks I’m batshit, but I really don’t care because clearly it’s hotasfuck and all of us should be doing this. Regularly.

This look rocks my socks off when done sans panties underneath. Actually, now that I think about it, that’s the only way to do this look. In my book. My book I’m writing about when you should or should not wear undies. I’m going to sell all of twelve copies. You know you want one.


Topless shots with sweaters and wine? And more lace leggings? Duh – the answer is yes. Holy effing yes. And I die over all this natural light just making all of these images so damn dreamy and light. I’m going to write a second book and that one shall be all about how much I love light with all my heart and soul.



And holy booty shots. That’s it. I’m just going to leave those right there.

PS I love you – you know who you are!!

You remember those kids from high school? The ones that just had charisma and mojo and the hot boyfriend/girlfriend and all that jazz? I swear these two were those cool kids. I like to think I was a cool kid once – but damn if I wasn’t always just diligently doing homework and going to bed on time all throughout high school. Thank God for my 20s to make up for some of that jackassery.

Anyway, this session was crazy fun and went by so damn fast. I spent some time with Audra in hair and makeup before we met her fiancee out on the Strip for an hour of fun and games and…oh right, we took a few photos, too.

By the way, I tend to be chatty. Like, really chatty. I like to talk and get to know you and as much of your life story as you’re willing to share. I love the human connection – the sharing of the experience and the images we create will reflect that! I will see the laughs and looks you share with your loved one – and my camera will see it all, too. So don’t be shocked if I ask you if you have any dogs, or what your favorite drink is or whether or not you might believe the Moon Spaceship Theory. It’s all part of the grand plan! Long story short – if you’re hoping for a no-nonsense, all-business photoshoot – I am not your girl, y’all.


I like a good makeout sesh on the escalator. So do all the other tourists. Expect potential applause for this type of behavior…



Dear God, my in camera skills are amazing. (pats self on back shamelessly) See below for Exhibit A.




And there’s no place like NY, from what I hear… *winkywinky* – I love this bridge and how it photographs at night (and during the day, if you can believe that!!?)… More on THAT later this month. Until then, please feel free to have a makeout sesh wherever you want – escalators and lookyloos be damned.

#protip: daytime sessions on the Strip are awesome if you’d like to avoid most of the drunken photobomb moments known to happen on a Saturday night (this session had none of those moments, which is AWESOME!)

Where to even begin with this crazy, beautiful woman…? Tiffany has become one of my favorite people to photograph over the last several years. I first captured her with Mike, her then-boyfriend (before they were even engaged!), for a fun couple’s session out at Red Rock way back in 2011 (or something like that!!). After Mike popped the question, I got the call to shoot their Parisian-themed wedding at Rumor. And then…Tiffany decided she was ready to rock out and show off her hard work and killer body – and I was ready to kill it with her. She booked a room at a local, swanky hotel, and off we went…

I swear we giggled like school girls for an hour while she was in hair and makeup… We had a LOT to catch up on! And then she pulled out her plaid lingerie and I about died. I loved it. That set was a totally kick-ass pop of color and showed that Tiffany was completely unafraid to be herself – no standard panty sets around here!! (PS – if you need help picking out a wardrobe that reflects your sassy ass, please contact me anytime – I have a plethora of ideas!)


Even under a white button-up, that plaid set made me all googly-eyed.


A little football action for the hubby never hurt anyone – although clearly, we are unable to keep straight faces while shooting… *le sigh*



And THENNNNNNN, out came the mask and I had no words. Super cool to bring a fun prop that you don’t see every day. I think this one is from Etsy – but if you want to rock the mask, Google is your friend.



See? I told you – no straight faces were possible that day… Curmudgeons need not apply. Now – I know that’s a big word to be tossing around – but I mean it. *serious face* So…get your wardrobe together and call me already – I’m waiting!!


Listen up, hotties!! No seriously. Please pay close attention… Are you coming to Vegas in June (or do you know someone who is)?!? I have a killer deal on my custom LBB (little black books). And I do mean killer. ANY boudoir session booked that takes place in the month of June gets a complimentary (read: FREEEEEEE) album. I’ll take your top images and design a beautiful 5×5 linen book with your hot body all over the inside. My boudoir Collections start at $925.


All sessions include:

  • – complimentary pre-shoot consultation (preferably via Skype so we can talk face to face!) to discuss shots and wardrobe and your ideas
  • – pre-shoot prep timeline to help you look and feel your best
  • – full hair and makeup, including false lashes – and my hair and makeup artist stays for the duration of the shoot, so you don’t have to worry about touchups!
  • – my time with you shooting on location (of course!)
  • – custom post-production of your final images done by hand (shot selection, color correction, retouching/Photoshop, file preparation for printing)
  • – digital delivery of your final, full resolution, edited images with a print release – delivered 72 hours later – yes, really!



So, for reals, call me. Email me. Text me. Whatever. Just get that hot ass to Vegas and get naked (or half naked – whatever floats your boat). Available for locals, too!

fine print: Session must be shot (take place) between June 1 and June 30. Books take 2 weeks to produce and will ship directly to you. Upgrades to your cover color/book size/etc are available if desired (example: hot pink 8×8 albums…). Also, you must be willing to have fun. Seriously.