Ryan and Sarah came to Vegas to get married at one of the prettiest off-Strip chapels we have here in Vegas – Sunset Gardens. They had the most intimate group of friends and family with them, and their afternoon ceremony was both peaceful and filled with laughs. Ceremonies here are short and sweet, and always heartfelt. It’s a great choice if you want a Vegas wedding but you aren’t looking for a “traditional Vegas experience” (meaning, pink Cadillacs and Elvis as your officiant).

Right after the first look.

One of my favorite angles at this chapel! ♥

Giving his beautiful daughter away.

Giggling through the ceremony is highly underrated.

Party time!

Now it’s your turn! Wherever you’re getting married, we can create some beautiful images together. I can’t wait to hear your story!

Fly all the way to Vegas from Norway? Check.

Get married at the same chapel where your parents were married 27 years ago? Check.

Have Elvis help you tie the knot? Check.

Quickie photo shoot at the Neon Museum? Check.

Celebrate with burgers afterwards because In-N-Out is awesome? Check.

Yep – Elvis hams it up just for the camera. That’s good stuff.

I do love a good last name in letters. If you want this for yourself, just ask me!

Right after this, a full standing ovation happened in the restaurant. The girl on the right started it… Apparently, burgers and being married go nicely together!

Now it’s your turn! ♥ Call me and let’s make your elopement epic!

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Contrary to popular belief, Vegas weddings aren’t always just about Elvis and bright lights. Sometimes they’re all about celebrating 10 years of marriage with the love of your life and your closest friends and family in tow, with the beautiful mountains of the Vegas valley behind you. And today, that’s exactly what these two did – they celebrated and shared their joy with the most intimate group of people that love them. The ceremony was short and sweet, and so very heartfelt. Albert and Jenn had their beautiful daughter with them, and you can see her happiness in their photos, too! 10 years looks great on you guys – and here’s to another 10 (and many more after that!).

Those are the faces of two people very much still in love! Those smiles were around all night!

And you can see where their little one gets it from – she was so happy to hug mom and dad after the ceremony. ♥

The views out here are phenomenal. Well worth the drive if you want open desert sky!

I think riding in the golf cart is just one of the perks of getting married at Paiute. Assuming you don’t fall out of the golf cart, like we almost did. But we didn’t, so now it’s a funny story.

Now it’s your turn! Whether you want a more traditional location like this, or a rock ‘n roll downtown elopement – I say “let’s do it!” Call me anytime, or click below for a link directly to my contact form – I can’t wait to hear from you!

Dries and Sien wanted an intimate elopement with none other than Elvis to officiate the ceremony. His arrival via motorcycle was just a bonus. We chose one of the last remaining Las Vegas Sign murals in downtown Las Vegas as their backdrop, and two of their friends attended as guests. They wanted to hit several of my favorite spots for photos afterwards, so we carefully chose a route and they rented a convertible so they could easily follow me around town and jump in and out for all the shots they wanted to capture! This is a glimpse into their day and a few of my favorite shots.

Her bouquet was perfect for this intimate elopement.

That wooden bow tie though! Such a cool detail.

Exchanging rings – always a moment to remember, and a favorite of mine to photograph.

Cheers!! Now it’s time to drink champagne and eat macaroons!!

We ended the night with a classic Vegas stop at The Plaza – a favorite for clients wanting a canopy of lights overhead. ♥ I adore these shots, and would love to create some for you, too!

So let’s do it! If you want to hit ALL the places and shoot ALL the things, we can make that happen, in a short period of time! I can help with a timeline, and logistics, and even suggestions for an officiant. Planning a Vegas elopement is supposed to be easy, but with so many details and most of my clients being from out of town (or overseas!), it never hurts to have your photographer on your side! I would love to help you figure it all out – so call me!!

Hello, ladies! I am currently booking the last few spots for this Sunday, January 29th at Casa de Shenandoah. If you are still looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift, this is your chance! See below for all the details, and as soon as you re ready to book, contact me here!


Date: January 29th

Location: Casa de Shenandoah


  • light hair and makeup
  • up to one hour of shoot time – coached and shot by Deidra Wilson
  • up to two wardrobe options (provided by the client)
  • 6 digital images (retouched)



  • additional images from your gallery
  • a la carte products (prints, albums, etc) – must be ordered by February 5th to receive by Valentine’s Day


A few more images from the spaces we will be using:

Hope to see you there! PS losing 10 pounds is not an excuse nor a prerequisite – call me!

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Yay! This week marks the week that I get to add a brand new calendar to my wall and start scribbling all of my wild and crazy ideas and to-dos into my new planner. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Everything feels shiny and new, and full of hope and promise. Mostly because I get all new pens and sticky notes! I am already filling up my calendar for 2017 with pretty blue sticky notes for my wedding clients, and hot pink sticky notes for my boudoir girls. If you’ve been on the fence about reaching out, now is the time! I would love nothing more than to give you your very own sticky note on your very own date. And then scribble a bunch of stuff about you in my planner. Is that weird? I hope not. Let’s be friends!!

Happy New Year – may 2017 be everything we want it to be!

neon museum wedding reviews

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I love to shoot weddings at the Neon Museum!? And you’ve decided that you simply must tie the knot amongst all of the classic Vegas history. I have several tips for you to make things run really smoothly and get great images that really capture the charm of the iconic space. Read on for some ideas to make your wedding at the Neon Museum everything you’ve been hoping for.

wedding at neon museum


1- Choose your date!

This one seems like a no brainer, but the Neon Museum actually books up quite quickly, especially during peak seasons when it’s not too hot (or too cold) to tie the knot outside! I’ve even had couples change their dates to accommodate the availability of the museum. Reach out directly to the museum at events@neonmuseum.org to verify that your date is available, and which galleries and times they have open. This information will be necessary to make most of the other decisions that follow. You can also click here to see more info about their wedding packages.


Neon Museum Wedding


2 – Decide which gallery you want to be photographed in

The Neon Museum has two different areas that can be booked for weddings and events. The North Gallery is the gallery that is most often booked for weddings where the ceremony is occurring on site at the museum. This gallery can be booked for half an hour or more, and is perfect for smaller events and elopements. There is no electricity in this gallery and it photographs best during the day (1 or 2 hours before sunset). The Main Collection is the larger of the two areas and contains the signs that have been restored and are working (lit). This Collection can only be booked for larger events that rent the space for longer periods of time. However, the Main Collection can also be booked separately for just a photo shoot if you would like to be photographed there, but choose to marry elsewhere. Lots of clients book this gallery for one hour before or after their chapel wedding, or they add an hour on here after a brief ceremony in the North Gallery. This Collection photographs beautifully almost any time of day, or night. Please contact me for specific examples of weddings from both galleries if you need help making your decision!


neon graveyard wedding

Neon Museum Wedding


3- Check with your photographer to see what the best time of day is for your gallery choice

Speaking of times of day! I can definitely help you decide which time slot works best for your session. I’ve spent considerable time in both areas and can make a recommendation for you once I know what type of images you are hoping for (light and airy, or dark and edgy). Each gallery has a different look and feel, and every client is looking for something unique. Let’s chat and decide what works best for your vision!


elvis neon museum wedding


4- If you are having your ceremony at the museum, decide if you want a classic ceremony, an Elvis theme or even a mobster theme

This one is fun. Lots of my clients opt for a more traditional elopement-style ceremony with brief words from the officiant, an exchange of vows and rings and then being pronounced. However, if you have a crazy Vegas wedding in mind, complete with Elvis and accompanying songs, we can help with that, too. The museum can point you towards the officiants they use and put you in contact with them to discuss your options.


Neon Museum Wedding

Neon Museum Wedding


5 – Book it!

You now know where you’ll get married, what time you’ll be tying the knot and who will be marrying you, so it’s time to make it official! Book the museum. Book the officiant (who can assist you with all of the details you need to obtain your license and make it legal), and book your photographer! Then get ready to create images that you will be proud to hang on your walls for years after the big day.


neon museum wedding photography
Neon Museum Wedding

Neon Museum Wedding

Neon Museum Wedding

neon boneyard wedding

And now it’s your turn! I would be thrilled to help you plan your date and photograph your event, big or small! Click below and let’s chat!

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Boudoir Outfit Inspiration

This is a tough one. What is a girl to wear when you aren’t supposed to wear much of anything at all? This is precisely why every boudoir shoot I book comes with a complimentary wardrobe consultation if you want or need it. Most of my boudoir clients get fairly nervous in the days and weeks leading up to their session. Obsessing over the details, worrying about what it will be like to be half (or totally) naked in front of a stranger (with a camera *gasp*). The build up can make this seem like it’s too far out of your comfort zone – maybe you just can’t shake those nerves. And that’s okay! Nerves are good! If you weren’t at least a tiny bit nervous, you would be in the 1% for sure. All great things start with some apprehension. Just accept that you’ll probably be a little bit on edge and let’s get after it and make some amazing images that you will want to look at forever (and ever!).

Boudoir Outfit Inspiration

So, why did I bring up nerves before your shoot? Because everyone seems to think that they should walk in the door, totally confident and ready to rock with 17 coordinated and accessorized outfits. The reality is that most times, your confidence in your photo shoot is typically boosted once we start shooting and I can show you the back of the camera and the magic we are creating together. I don’t want your nerves to get in the way of the shoot you really want to have. And that means you need to be confident in what you’re wearing. Absolutely, drop dead confident. Now…that being said – I can totally help you decide what will look and feel the best on the day of your session. And this is unique to every. single. woman. that has ever graced my lens with their presence.

Boudoir Outfits

Some clients love the basics – white tank top/booty shorts/no shoes. Some women go all out with French lingerie decked out in details like lace and buckles and the highest heels they can buy. Lots (and lots) of clients are discovering how beautiful they feel wearing nothing but…a white sheet!! Bonus – every hotel has them, so you don’t have to pack anything extra for this look! Maybe you have an old favorite that you pull out of your drawer for special occasions but you’re worried that it pinches your skin or doesn’t fit JUST right. Let me just tell you now. We all have at least a little bra fat. All of us. Me. You. The lady behind you in line at Starbucks. All of us. Rest assured that I am here to help you. I will pose and light you like a pro – because I am one! I am a master of hiding insecurities and highlighting strengths. Every client gets a chance to tell me what they love and what they don’t. And that answer is also different for everyone. What kind of person would I be if I just put you in Poses A-G and called it a day? A terrible one. Because every body likes different things. ALL women have loads of sexy/badass/gorgeous/flirty/happy qualities and I know just how to find them within you and take amazing pictures of them. Done.

I typically recommend 3 “looks” for my entry level Collections and up to 7 “looks” for the sessions with more shoot time and final images. Too many outfits can be overwhelming, but if you find yourself on the fence about a certain outfit, just bring it and we can decide together during hair and makeup if you want to include it or not. So let’s start with the purpose of your session. Is it just for you? Is it for a partner? Is it for a partner, but also secretly totally for you?!  This one actually happens a lot. If the shoot is just for you, your job is simple – go with what makes you happy, and let’s get to work and rock it. If your shoot is meant for a significant other as a gift, then let’s work backwards with a balance of what you want to wear for them, and what you know will make them say “WOW” or “Holy Shit!” or something similar when they see your photos for the first time. Because WOW and Holy Shit! are both completely acceptable responses to naked pics.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

So don’t overthink it. Wear what you like and what you feel sexy or flirty in. Set up your consultation with me and let’s go over your options and powwow about what you love/hate/are scared about. Think outside the box. Let’s say your husband is really into golf… I had a recent client shoot with just a golf club. As in, no clothing or Frederick’s of Hollywood needed – just a golf club. Grab your partner’s favorite shirt, hat, sports equipment, etc and we will find a way to make it sexy on you. Bring in some color if you want to! A pop of color is always a nice touch, especially if we can coordinate it with your makeup or shoes!

One thing that you must not forget to bring is: confidence! Even if you aren’t feeling totally 100% sure about this whole thing before I walk through your door, know that I am confident. I am not afraid of anything you can throw at me. I will work with you until we achieve our goal of beautiful images. And finally, ask me for help. That’s what I’m here for. And if all else fails, grab a glass of wine and start googling ‘boudoir wardrobe ideas’ – Pinterest alone will keep you plenty inspired.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas - Lace

Stay calm. Now it’s your turn!

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Neon Museum - Las Vegas Wedding Venue

It gets cold here in Las Vegas during winter. No, probably not anywhere nearly as cold as where you came from, but we happen to consider anything under 65 degrees “cold.” It’s still the same sexy Vegas glitz and dry desert air, but for me as a photographer, the vibe is very different. How so, you ask? The light outside is the biggest change, with the days in December getting dark near 5pm local time, but that low winter solstice sun makes for some only-in-winter dramatic light. If you are looking to book an outdoor session with me this winter, some of my favorite spots to capture this romantic winter light would be the Neon Museum, Red Rock/Spring Mountain Ranch and the Arts District.

I don’t do a ton of boudoir shoots outside in winter (go figure right?!). But I do like to time my boudoir shoot start times to accommodate the winter light. The amount of light that makes its way through your hotel room window is half of what we would see in summer at some hotels. If you are considering booking a boudoir shoot this winter, I will go over all of this with you when we chat!


Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is amazing at scheduling shoots at just the right hour for whatever you are looking for. The guys and gals over there would be more than thrilled to help you book the right time (assuming they are available – call now before your date books up!). You have the option of booking a more daytime shoot with brighter sunlight, or booking a dusk session where they will happily turn the signs and lights on for you! A few signs are actually restored and working and some are lit with external lighting, but either way, the space makes for fantastic images.

Neon Museum - cool Las Vegas wedding venues

Neon Museum - cool Las Vegas wedding venues


Red Rock

Red Rock and Spring Mountain Ranch are basically neighbors and each has its own merits (and permitting process!). They both provide stunning mountain views and that cool, beautiful winter light. The trick here is starting your session much earlier than you think you might need to (think two or three hours before sunset or so!). This is because the sun dips behind the mountains much earlier than expected. Of course, I will help you decide exactly what time we should start and where and anything else you need help with!

Red Rock - cool Las Vegas wedding venues

Spring Mountain Ranch - cool Las Vegas wedding venues


Arts District/Downtown

The same rules apply here for the rest for the city – great shots can be had, just a few hours earlier in the day! The ever changing walls and sun flare are the perfect backdrop for lots of my clients and maybe you can envision yourself here, too!

Arts District - cool Las Vegas wedding venues

Downtown Las Vegas- cool Las Vegas wedding venues

I hope that this sheds some further light on your photography plans and that I get to see you in front of my camera this winter season. As always I am available via email within 24 hours of your inquiry (if not immediately) or just press some buttons on your phone and give me an old-fashioned telephone call at 702-635-5222. You can also text me at that number for the very fastest response.

Keep it real.

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Vegas Boudoir Photos

Give me a room with windows on two sides and I’ll give you this. And even if you give me a dark room with no windows, I’ll still work my magic! I want emojis on my blog so I can insert a magician emoji here…

Vegas Boudoir Photos

Let’s make some magic!

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