When you get married and then come back to Vegas a year later to celebrate your anniversary – call me. Scott and Louise did just that, and I loved it. It felt like we were old friends by then and we pretty much laughed our way through the session. We timed it so that we could have both daytime and evening shots (my fave!), and they could hardly stay ‘hands off’ long enough for a photo, which is fine by me. I mean, they ARE married now – it’s all legal and such! ;)











See you two next year!

What it’s like to spend the afternoon on the desert lakebed and at El Dorado Canyon. And then Instagram the hell out of it. And feel free to tag me. It makes me feel special.


















I mean, it could totally be worse, right? Happy weekend, kitties!!

I mean, this booty speaks for itself! I can take the best picture of your butt you have ever seen. Swear!! So if you even think that you don’t love your butt, you just let me know and I can change your mind! It’s all about the angle (in my world, you always ‘push the tush’). So push it, ladies!


An oldie but a goodie…what it looks like to shoot in an old school bus in El Dorado (aka Nelson’s Landing)! I know it’s Tuesday, but I’m throwing it back anyway. Hashtag rebel.

PS: Alex and Jeremy – you guys made that look a lot more comfortable than it actually is…


And the real thing, here! Happy Tuesday!


The title says it all! More and more of my brides are taking the plunge before the wedding ceremony and squeezing two shoots into one day. Bridal boudoir is becoming increasingly popular and there’s no better way to do it than right here in Vegas…promise!


1. your hair and makeup is done for the wedding…and you don’t have to explain why!

2. he’s expecting you to take several hours to get ready…and you don’t have to explain why!

3. he gets kick ass naked (or half naked, or not too naked at all…) pics of you as a gift!

4. see above re: naked pics (trust us, we have yet to find a groom that will turn this offer down…really!)

5. you feel awesome and ballsy because you got naked with strangers in Vegas and you don’t even have to feel guilty about it!


1. he’s definitely going to cry when he sees you at the altar (disclaimer: this is not a guarantee)

2. you now want to have pictures taken of yourself…all.the.time.

3. okay, I can’t make anything else up. I don’t know of any other “cons” – just do it!

Call me! ;)





I have a pretty big secret… I love the Strip the most before 11am. Yup. I can’t even lie. Just check out the light behind these two in their images. Yes, they went to the Neon Museum, too, which is always a killer spot…but those Strip shots in the morning were no joke. Maybe this is just what you’re looking for, too! Maybe you don’t want to fight off all the crowds in the evening. Maybe you like brighter images. If this is you…call me. I will totally go there with you bright and early!












Can I keep you guys?! And yes, the hamper made its way to me all the way from London. Your shortbread cookies are creating a problem in my house…as in – we can’t decide who gets the last one...

A Vegas wedding might conjure up quirky images of Elvis and little white chapels, but sometimes it’s all about the traditional white dress and lots of bling. This session included a few bridals and several bridal boudoir photos, too. I’m a big fan of two birds, one stone. So please don’t be to shy/embarrassed/whatever to ask about a bridal boudoir session in conjunction with your wedding shots. I do this a lot and it makes for a great way to start the big day!




So…shooting an engagement session in Red Rock Canyon is pretty much awesomesauce. Ohdeargoddidijustsaythat? Too bad. It is awesome. And picturesque. And fun. And awesome. And I just happen to know how you can get a permit to do it. pro tip: just ask me to do it for you


Even under the clouds, the colors are some of my favorites. Reds and creams and browns. Which all all just shades of happy if you ask me. Yeah, that’s little hippie, but I’m a little, teensieweensie bit hippie. On the inside, mostly.


When you have a permit, you are allowed (edit: encouraged) to hop fences and make friends with the cows. Seriously, permitted shooting is the bomb.




I asked if I could come and live in the barn/house. The rangers laughed. But I was actually sorta serious. The views donotsuck.





Keep it real, you guys – can’t wait to see the pics from the big day back home!!

Ladies. Listen up because shit just got real. I am hearing way too often that you are scared to book rightnow because you ‘don’t know how to look sexy in pictures’ – so, I’m calling bullshit. Bullshitbullshitbullshit. It is MY job to coach you and get you there – not yours. It’s my years of experience and patient expertise and goofy demo poses that get your body into the ‘right’ position or angle and makes you look like sexonwheels. This is not your job. Your job is to show up, mostly sober (okay, really totally sober is better because then you get to feel all the feels for reals!) and be ready to rock it the fuck out. Be ready to get down, get vulnerable and get sexy. I know it seems scary, but it truly doesn’t have to be. I’m really, really nice and I really, really know what I’m doing. I will not yell at you or be bossy or tell you to ‘look hot’ – because that’s just rude.

I promise I know how to get you there if you let me.

So there. Now you don’t have to be scared anymore.

PS if you’re still scared even after reading this incredibly convincing blog post, please call me and let’s talk about it – it’s actually totally okay to be nervous and I really, really want you to experience this for how you feel on the flip side. The flip side is the bomb. Do. It!!


If you haven’t noticed by¬† now – I take lots and lots of selfies and plaster them all over the internet. Most never make the blog – only Instagram or Facebook. But this little gem here, it deserved a post of it’s own. This is a total favorite trick of mine and usually incites some sort of ‘camera condom’ joke from the client. In reality, it’s a simple Ziploc bag (which, incidentally, simply cannot function as a condom so pleasedontblamemeforyourmisunderstanding!). This sweet little trick produces some of the softest and most beautiful flare and ghosting and fog around the edges of your images. It requires a patient (ha!) hand and lots of trial and error. But I think it’s the coolest trick in my bag. I have a few and I have actually been known to go back to a room to retrieve a bag that was left behind. Breaking them in is hard to do – you can’t just walk away from a relationship like that.

So try not to be shocked when I wrap my expensive gear in cheap ass plastic and get all excited about how pretty that shit is.


By the way – after I wrote this whole cute post about my Ziploc condom, I realized this particular shot is using bubble wrap. Also not useful as a condom. Please do not get confused.