Listen up, hotties!! No seriously. Please pay close attention… Are you coming to Vegas in June (or do you know someone who is)?!? I have a killer deal on my custom LBB (little black books). And I do mean killer. ANY boudoir session booked that takes place in the month of June gets a complimentary (read: FREEEEEEE) album. I’ll take your top images and design a beautiful 5×5 linen book with your hot body all over the inside. My boudoir Collections start at $925.


All sessions include:

  • - complimentary pre-shoot consultation (preferably via Skype so we can talk face to face!) to discuss shots and wardrobe and your ideas
  • - pre-shoot prep timeline to help you look and feel your best
  • - full hair and makeup, including false lashes – and my hair and makeup artist stays for the duration of the shoot, so you don’t have to worry about touchups!
  • - my time with you shooting on location (of course!)
  • - custom post-production of your final images done by hand (shot selection, color correction, retouching/Photoshop, file preparation for printing)
  • - digital delivery of your final, full resolution, edited images with a print release – delivered 72 hours later – yes, really!



So, for reals, call me. Email me. Text me. Whatever. Just get that hot ass to Vegas and get naked (or half naked – whatever floats your boat). Available for locals, too!

fine print: Session must be shot (take place) between June 1 and June 30. Books take 2 weeks to produce and will ship directly to you. Upgrades to your cover color/book size/etc are available if desired (example: hot pink 8×8 albums…). Also, you must be willing to have fun. Seriously.

Vegas Elopement

I secretly love it when my clients elope.  I understand both extremes of weddings. From two people that still need a witness (I’ll be your witness!!) to a 400 person, 3 day bash – I’ve seen it all and I understand it both ways. (It’s also fine to fall right in the middle!)

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

What I love about elopements is how little pressure you will feel and how much time we get to shoot together. Instead of 15 hurried minutes after the ceremony to create those pieces for your walls, we might get to leisurely stroll around the Arts District for an hour and then head out to the lakebed or down to the Strip. The beauty of it all is that you can do whatever you want.

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

If you’re doing a 2 hour Collection, it’s really the perfect amount of time for a post-wedding photoshoot. We will get to laugh, love and be magical. And I will get to show my true silly self. Yay!!

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

PS – I will also be my true silly self even if you have guests at your wedding. I’m sorry but there’s no way around that. My apologies in advance.

Las Vegas Mount Charleston Wedding

Las Vegas Mount Charleston Wedding

Las Vegas Mount Charleston Wedding

Las Vegas Mount Charleston Wedding

Las Vegas Mount Charleston Wedding

We have had the strangest winter in Vegas this year. I think it was cold for all of 12 minutes. Maybe 13. While I shot a few chilly ceremonies, I didn’t get my snowy wedding in this season. *sad face*

That thought led me back to this night from last year’s wintery wedding at Mount Charleston. I loved the solitude of the lodge and how stunning it was covered in a blanket of white. The warm lights from the inside were beyond twinkly when I ventured out to do a few location shots. My leather cowboy boots were soaked and keeping my feet nice and…cold??!

I had just gotten back inside and was packing up my gear when Highway Patrol announced that they would be closing the highway back to town within the hour, as conditions would be too icy to drive down the mountain. I hugged my bride and groom and snapped one last shot on my iPhone as they were canoodling in the corner, away from all the hubbub.

Congrats again, you guys!


See what I did there? No? Well, we probably shouldn’t be friends, then. Thigh highs are a tricky, evil beast. They threaten to squeeze the life out of the very thigh they’re named for. They nearly guarantee a ‘thuffen top’ – that awful bulge above that pinchy little circle of silicone.

But ladies, fear not. I know the secrets to a great fitting thigh high. I know how to tame the dragon. I know how to make those pins feel like they’re being hugged by fluffy puppies, rather than under attack by anaconda. Hit me up for details on how to make your fishnets your friend once again.

PS – it starts with the right size and material!! I’ll be happy to share more pointers via email :)


Bendy bendy!! We aren’t all this bendy (I sure as hell am NOT this bendy). But it’s fun to shoot bendy! Although, it does make me feel hella guilty for skipping my yoga class, for the past 73 weeks…in a row. #busted

If I could do a handstand like that, in heels, and look so damn hot doing it, I would feel really, really good about myself.

I suppose I could get my ass back to yoga…next week.

PS You don’t have to BE this bendy to look amazing in your pics – I can help you contort things in ways you didn’t know were possible. :)

These two came to Vegas to do it up right. They may be from a small town, but they loved the lights and action on the Strip. And I loved how much they loved each other! I was scanning through their images to find a few to blog, and I realized how much they kissed all night!! Ha! Good stuff. Keep it up, you two.








First comes loves, then comes hair and makeup, then comes getting half naked with yours truly! This transformational process takes my breath away each and every time I watch it happen. My clients are quite often intimately familiar with my work before I ever knock on their door. They’ve seen my sessions, they’ve watched some films, they’ve reviewed my tips and FAQs. And yet, they’re nervous as can be when I walk through that door. If there’s one thing I can impart to you as you read this, it’s this:

Do. Not. Be. Nervous.

I’m a total dork. And I promise you’ll come out the other side feeling ‘different’ – in an amazing way. I’ve already booked three repeat clients this year. And it’s January 20th. That’s not for nothing. My girls love how they feel. They love how much fun we have. They love the process. It all goes back to the boudoir high. It’s inevitable.

Try it. You’ll like it.




A great capture is one when the client has no idea it’s even happening (see below, left). These are some of my faves. Can’t get more real than that!!


Sunset on the Strip. Absolutely sexy. This beauty went from her boudoir shoot to her engagement session. Total trooper. I know I made her work hard, but it was worth it!!


In conclusion (I’m so fancyyyy!) – come prepared to enjoy yourself. And know that you’re in great hands. I cannot wait to watch your transformation come to life!


There’s a whole lotta awesome going on in the studio these days. A. Whole. Lot. I was looking back over my work from last year and falling in love with what I do, all over again. I do this every year and I get all sappy and sentimental every time. I am so grateful to be able to capture such beauty on such beautiful days. Thank you. To all of you. This year, last year, all of the years!! Keep your eyes peeled for lots of new work on the blog, as well as Facebook and Instagram. Follow me – I’m fun! Pinky swear.

Hellllllo, gorgeous. Holy hell – do I love a sidelit torso… Almost as much as I love Fridays. It makes everything look pretty. Kinda like a great instagram filter.

No, actually – I take that back. Please don’t feel the need to put a filter on every photo you upload. Sometimes it’s okay to go #nofilter (but don’t lie about it – we will catch you). We know.


May your 2015 be filled with lots and lots of beautiful light.

I love a brand new shiny year. You likely already know I’m completely obsessed with fresh office supplies and blank calendars. If you don’t know that, we can’t be friends in real life. Office Depot and I kinda have..a thing. Like, for reals.

I also have a thing for selfies. These are typically taken with my iPhone, beautifully backlit and containing at least a level 2 duckface. The selfie below does not meet any of those requirements. It’s also mildly topless. Those selfies usually don’t make the blog. So, clearly – we are off to an amazing start.


I can’t wait to see what this year has in store. Bring it on.

Happy New Year!