These two came to Vegas to do it up right. They may be from a small town, but they loved the lights and action on the Strip. And I loved how much they loved each other! I was scanning through their images to find a few to blog, and I realized how much they kissed all night!! Ha! Good stuff. Keep it up, you two.








First comes loves, then comes hair and makeup, then comes getting half naked with yours truly! This transformational process takes my breath away each and every time I watch it happen. My clients are quite often intimately familiar with my work before I ever knock on their door. They’ve seen my sessions, they’ve watched some films, they’ve reviewed my tips and FAQs. And yet, they’re nervous as can be when I walk through that door. If there’s one thing I can impart to you as you read this, it’s this:

Do. Not. Be. Nervous.

I’m a total dork. And I promise you’ll come out the other side feeling ‘different’ – in an amazing way. I’ve already booked three repeat clients this year. And it’s January 20th. That’s not for nothing. My girls love how they feel. They love how much fun we have. They love the process. It all goes back to the boudoir high. It’s inevitable.

Try it. You’ll like it.




A great capture is one when the client has no idea it’s even happening (see below, left). These are some of my faves. Can’t get more real than that!!


Sunset on the Strip. Absolutely sexy. This beauty went from her boudoir shoot to her engagement session. Total trooper. I know I made her work hard, but it was worth it!!


In conclusion (I’m so fancyyyy!) – come prepared to enjoy yourself. And know that you’re in great hands. I cannot wait to watch your transformation come to life!


There’s a whole lotta awesome going on in the studio these days. A. Whole. Lot. I was looking back over my work from last year and falling in love with what I do, all over again. I do this every year and I get all sappy and sentimental every time. I am so grateful to be able to capture such beauty on such beautiful days. Thank you. To all of you. This year, last year, all of the years!! Keep your eyes peeled for lots of new work on the blog, as well as Facebook and Instagram. Follow me – I’m fun! Pinky swear.

Hellllllo, gorgeous. Holy hell – do I love a sidelit torso… Almost as much as I love Fridays. It makes everything look pretty. Kinda like a great instagram filter.

No, actually – I take that back. Please don’t feel the need to put a filter on every photo you upload. Sometimes it’s okay to go #nofilter (but don’t lie about it – we will catch you). We know.


May your 2015 be filled with lots and lots of beautiful light.

I love a brand new shiny year. You likely already know I’m completely obsessed with fresh office supplies and blank calendars. If you don’t know that, we can’t be friends in real life. Office Depot and I kinda have..a thing. Like, for reals.

I also have a thing for selfies. These are typically taken with my iPhone, beautifully backlit and containing at least a level 2 duckface. The selfie below does not meet any of those requirements. It’s also mildly topless. Those selfies usually don’t make the blog. So, clearly – we are off to an amazing start.


I can’t wait to see what this year has in store. Bring it on.

Happy New Year!

Okay…you fill in the blank. You kids are smart.

There is nothing like a surprise Elvis wedding at the Neon Museum to round out your year. The full post is coming in 2015 (what?!? – how the hell did that happen so fast??). But for now, one of my favorites from the ceremony – paired with some impeccable details.



A major congrats to Ryan and Erin – you pulled it off – with style! Happy New Year!!

When you have a milestone birthday, there’s no better way to celebrate than to get your ass to Vegas and have some incredible images created…of your ass. Seriously – 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 – I do not care. Get down here and let me shoot you naked. Or partially naked. It doesn’t really matter. Please. Celebrate yourself in all your glory – regardless of any of your little hangups. I bet you after a couple of hours together you might even forget you even have any stretchmarks. Besides, it’s really hard to worry about silly imperfections when we’re having so much damn fun. I’ve yet to have a client that doesn’t at least give me a giggle. But usually, we are downright laughing out loud. Get your ass down here. And try me.






As I do at the end of every year, I recently went through the images that I’ve shot over the past twelve months – just to review and see how things have changed for me as an artist over time. It’s a process that I love, and one that I also find quite challenging. It’s fun to reminisce about past clients and shoots, and remember their stories and the details of the day we spent together. Here are three quickies from a wedding back in February. I’m quite sure you’ll all be inundated with lots and lots of vault posts here shortly. hashtagsorrynotsorry Enjoy! And yes, the first shot is a very happy accident – one of my faves from the whole night!




I absolutely love creating tastefully cropped images that can be shared all over the place. I also love me a good red soled shoe. And some fishnets. Pretty much, I love everything boudoir, all the time. But there’s something incredibly sexy about an anonymous image. So, get ready to get up close and personal – and anonymous, should you choose. Happy Wednesday!




It’s the first Saturday in December and that means I am coming to the end of a monster shoot week. I have shot 8 sessions in the last 5 days (!!!) and ordered a handful of last minute albums for holiday gifts. Let’s just say there will be more than a few happy clients out there this month. There’s nothing better than putting your images on paper.

But for now, in honor of my monster week, here’s a monster post from earlier this year. Congrats again to Jess and Wil on their wildly successful pre-elopement session. She can’t stop smiling. I think they might like each other… That or he’s telling hilarious jokes. ;) We ran around the Arts District (quite literally) for a couple of hours and then I followed them over to their chapel, snapping a few last minute shots before sending them off for the night. Thank you both for spending the last few ‘single’ hours with me creating these images – I am always grateful and forever honored.