Don’t overthink your boudoir wardrobe

Boudoir Outfit Inspiration

This is a tough one. What is a girl to wear when you aren’t supposed to wear much of anything at all? This is precisely why every boudoir shoot I book comes with a complimentary wardrobe consultation if you want or need it. Most of my boudoir clients get fairly nervous in the days and weeks leading up to their session. Obsessing over the details, worrying about what it will be like to be half (or totally) naked in front of a stranger (with a camera *gasp*). The build up can make this seem like it’s too far out of your comfort zone – maybe you just can’t shake those nerves. And that’s okay! Nerves are good! If you weren’t at least a tiny bit nervous, you would be in the 1% for sure. All great things start with some apprehension. Just accept that you’ll probably be a little bit on edge and let’s get after it and make some amazing images that you will want to look at forever (and ever!).

Boudoir Outfit Inspiration

So, why did I bring up nerves before your shoot? Because everyone seems to think that they should walk in the door, totally confident and ready to rock with 17 coordinated and accessorized outfits. The reality is that most times, your confidence in your photo shoot is typically boosted once we start shooting and I can show you the back of the camera and the magic we are creating together. I don’t want your nerves to get in the way of the shoot you really want to have. And that means you need to be confident in what you’re wearing. Absolutely, drop dead confident. Now…that being said – I can totally help you decide what will look and feel the best on the day of your session. And this is unique to every. single. woman. that has ever graced my lens with their presence.

Boudoir Outfits

Some clients love the basics – white tank top/booty shorts/no shoes. Some women go all out with French lingerie decked out in details like lace and buckles and the highest heels they can buy. Lots (and lots) of clients are discovering how beautiful they feel wearing nothing but…a white sheet!! Bonus – every hotel has them, so you don’t have to pack anything extra for this look! Maybe you have an old favorite that you pull out of your drawer for special occasions but you’re worried that it pinches your skin or doesn’t fit JUST right. Let me just tell you now. We all have at least a little bra fat. All of us. Me. You. The lady behind you in line at Starbucks. All of us. Rest assured that I am here to help you. I will pose and light you like a pro – because I am one! I am a master of hiding insecurities and highlighting strengths. Every client gets a chance to tell me what they love and what they don’t. And that answer is also different for everyone. What kind of person would I be if I just put you in Poses A-G and called it a day? A terrible one. Because every body likes different things. ALL women have loads of sexy/badass/gorgeous/flirty/happy qualities and I know just how to find them within you and take amazing pictures of them. Done.

I typically recommend 3 “looks” for my entry level Collections and up to 7 “looks” for the sessions with more shoot time and final images. Too many outfits can be overwhelming, but if you find yourself on the fence about a certain outfit, just bring it and we can decide together during hair and makeup if you want to include it or not. So let’s start with the purpose of your session. Is it just for you? Is it for a partner? Is it for a partner, but also secretly totally for you?!  This one actually happens a lot. If the shoot is just for you, your job is simple – go with what makes you happy, and let’s get to work and rock it. If your shoot is meant for a significant other as a gift, then let’s work backwards with a balance of what you want to wear for them, and what you know will make them say “WOW” or “Holy Shit!” or something similar when they see your photos for the first time. Because WOW and Holy Shit! are both completely acceptable responses to naked pics.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

So don’t overthink it. Wear what you like and what you feel sexy or flirty in. Set up your consultation with me and let’s go over your options and powwow about what you love/hate/are scared about. Think outside the box. Let’s say your husband is really into golf… I had a recent client shoot with just a golf club. As in, no clothing or Frederick’s of Hollywood needed – just a golf club. Grab your partner’s favorite shirt, hat, sports equipment, etc and we will find a way to make it sexy on you. Bring in some color if you want to! A pop of color is always a nice touch, especially if we can coordinate it with your makeup or shoes!

One thing that you must not forget to bring is: confidence! Even if you aren’t feeling totally 100% sure about this whole thing before I walk through your door, know that I am confident. I am not afraid of anything you can throw at me. I will work with you until we achieve our goal of beautiful images. And finally, ask me for help. That’s what I’m here for. And if all else fails, grab a glass of wine and start googling ‘boudoir wardrobe ideas’ – Pinterest alone will keep you plenty inspired.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas - Lace

Stay calm. Now it’s your turn!

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