sex it up | bridal boudoir

The title says it all! More and more of my brides are taking the plunge before the wedding ceremony and squeezing two shoots into one day. Bridal boudoir is becoming increasingly popular and there’s no better way to do it than right here in Vegas…promise!


1. your hair and makeup is done for the wedding…and you don’t have to explain why!

2. he’s expecting you to take several hours to get ready…and you don’t have to explain why!

3. he gets kick ass naked (or half naked, or not too naked at all…) pics of you as a gift!

4. see above re: naked pics (trust us, we have yet to find a groom that will turn this offer down…really!)

5. you feel awesome and ballsy because you got naked with strangers in Vegas and you don’t even have to feel guilty about it!


1. he’s definitely going to cry when he sees you at the altar (disclaimer: this is not a guarantee)

2. you now want to have pictures taken of yourself…all.the.time.

3. okay, I can’t make anything else up. I don’t know of any other “cons” – just do it!

Call me! 😉