Happy New Year!

Yay! This week marks the week that I get to add a brand new calendar to my wall and start scribbling all of my wild and crazy ideas and to-dos into my new planner. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Everything feels shiny and new, and full of hope and promise. Mostly because I get all new pens and sticky notes! I am already filling up my calendar for 2017 with pretty blue sticky notes for my wedding clients, and hot pink sticky notes for my boudoir girls. If you’ve been on the fence about reaching out, now is the time! I would love nothing more than to give you your very own sticky note on your very own date. And then scribble a bunch of stuff about you in my planner. Is that weird? I hope not. Let’s be friends!!

Happy New Year – may 2017 be everything we want it to be!