three of my favorite places to get photographed this winter in las vegas

Neon Museum - Las Vegas Wedding Venue

It gets cold here in Las Vegas during winter. No, probably not anywhere nearly as cold as where you came from, but we happen to consider anything under 65 degrees “cold.” It’s still the same sexy Vegas glitz and dry desert air, but for me as a photographer, the vibe is very different. How so, you ask? The light outside is the biggest change, with the days in December getting dark near 5pm local time, but that low winter solstice sun makes for some only-in-winter dramatic light. If you are looking to book an outdoor session with me this winter, some of my favorite spots to capture this romantic winter light would be the Neon Museum, Red Rock/Spring Mountain Ranch and the Arts District.

I don’t do a ton of boudoir shoots outside in winter (go figure right?!). But I do like to time my boudoir shoot start times to accommodate the winter light. The amount of light that makes its way through your hotel room window is half of what we would see in summer at some hotels. If you are considering booking a boudoir shoot this winter, I will go over all of this with you when we chat!


Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is amazing at scheduling shoots at just the right hour for whatever you are looking for. The guys and gals over there would be more than thrilled to help you book the right time (assuming they are available – call now before your date books up!). You have the option of booking a more daytime shoot with brighter sunlight, or booking a dusk session where they will happily turn the signs and lights on for you! A few signs are actually restored and working and some are lit with external lighting, but either way, the space makes for fantastic images.

Neon Museum - cool Las Vegas wedding venues

Neon Museum - cool Las Vegas wedding venues


Red Rock

Red Rock and Spring Mountain Ranch are basically neighbors and each has its own merits (and permitting process!). They both provide stunning mountain views and that cool, beautiful winter light. The trick here is starting your session much earlier than you think you might need to (think two or three hours before sunset or so!). This is because the sun dips behind the mountains much earlier than expected. Of course, I will help you decide exactly what time we should start and where and anything else you need help with!

Red Rock - cool Las Vegas wedding venues

Spring Mountain Ranch - cool Las Vegas wedding venues


Arts District/Downtown

The same rules apply here for the rest for the city – great shots can be had, just a few hours earlier in the day! The ever changing walls and sun flare are the perfect backdrop for lots of my clients and maybe you can envision yourself here, too!

Arts District - cool Las Vegas wedding venues

Downtown Las Vegas- cool Las Vegas wedding venues

I hope that this sheds some further light on your photography plans and that I get to see you in front of my camera this winter season. As always I am available via email within 24 hours of your inquiry (if not immediately) or just press some buttons on your phone and give me an old-fashioned telephone call at 702-635-5222. You can also text me at that number for the very fastest response.

Keep it real.

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the bartons | neon museum | wedding | 2 hours

Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

Even if you don’t dance, you should dance on your wedding day. Even if it’s only for all of twelve seconds. Especially to show off your dress. And your shoes! Because…the shoes…

Las Vegas Neon Museum Wedding Photos

Las Vegas Neon Museum Wedding Photos

It just never gets old. Honestly. This location is classic Vegas and a fantastic place to tie the knot amongst all the history.

Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

A little intentional blur never hurt anyone. And the light in the afternoon… le sigh!

Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

Las Vegas Arts District Wedding Photos

The parting shots can be some of the best. I wish our afternoons would never end. However, I’m quite sure you guys all have raucous plans for afterwards! Tell me about them – I want to know!

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The Loshs | Arts District and Las Vegas Strip | Wedding


The Loshs tied the knot just before we met up for two hours of wedding day coverage in both the Arts District and on the Strip. This is a perfect combo for those that want to have a little fun mixed with a little bit of classic Vegas! You get colorful backdrops, iconic Vegas views and just enough time to cover them all.


This location is the Smith Center, and is Las Vegas’ performing arts center – it is great for classic architectural lines and manicured greenery that you won’t find elsewhere.







Happy Tuesday!

star wars plus bling = love

It is no secret that I love my wedding clients. I love ALL my clients and I particularly adore when my weddings are a little quirky (note: this is not, by any means, my first Star Wars wedding). So please, let this post serve as notice that if you wear an R2D2 boutonniere to your photoshoot, I will take lots of pictures of it… And I will not even make fun of you. In fact, I will be very, very impressed with your boutonniere making skills and will rave about you on the interwebs. To everyone that reads my blog.



Love. That is all.



Check out the details!! She made her bouquet and brought it with her on the plane. My best guess – 8 pounds…?! You Pinterest girls just kill me with your artsy craftsy selves. My brooch bouquet would weigh like 1725 pounds and it would NOT look like that. I think I’ll stick to taking pictures of your bouquets – so bring it on (the plane)!






PS – R2D2 cufflinks in yo face… Look closely below! That little robot gets around…



More in-camera sorcery headed your way. Watch out, kids. I’m awesome. Tell all your friends.


I like your kicks, dude. Really – I do. And I can also still see your cufflinks.


And a sweet ass shot of those rings in front of that sparkly bouquet. I heart bokeh. And now it is known that I am a photography dork. If that means we can’t be friends, I accept my fate. #sorrynotsorry


Wedding Wednesday is officially underway!

elopements FTW 

Vegas Elopement

I secretly love it when my clients elope.  I understand both extremes of weddings. From two people that still need a witness (I’ll be your witness!!) to a 400 person, 3 day bash – I’ve seen it all and I understand it both ways. (It’s also fine to fall right in the middle!)

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

What I love about elopements is how little pressure you will feel and how much time we get to shoot together. Instead of 15 hurried minutes after the ceremony to create those pieces for your walls, we might get to leisurely stroll around the Arts District for an hour and then head out to the lakebed or down to the Strip. The beauty of it all is that you can do whatever you want.

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

If you’re doing a 2 hour Collection, it’s really the perfect amount of time for a post-wedding photoshoot. We will get to laugh, love and be magical. And I will get to show my true silly self. Yay!!

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

PS – I will also be my true silly self even if you have guests at your wedding. I’m sorry but there’s no way around that. My apologies in advance.

monster weeks

It’s the first Saturday in December and that means I am coming to the end of a monster shoot week. I have shot 8 sessions in the last 5 days (!!!) and ordered a handful of last minute albums for holiday gifts. Let’s just say there will be more than a few happy clients out there this month. There’s nothing better than putting your images on paper.

But for now, in honor of my monster week, here’s a monster post from earlier this year. Congrats again to Jess and Wil on their wildly successful pre-elopement session. She can’t stop smiling. I think they might like each other… That or he’s telling hilarious jokes. 😉 We ran around the Arts District (quite literally) for a couple of hours and then I followed them over to their chapel, snapping a few last minute shots before sending them off for the night. Thank you both for spending the last few ‘single’ hours with me creating these images – I am always grateful and forever honored.






























the weight of it all

Smith Center Wedding Photos Vegas

Oh. My.

Every time I scroll past this image, I think to myself ‘Ooooohhh, I must have saved this one for inspiration – I LOOOOVE it!!’

And then I realize that it’s mine. Every damn time. That’s fine, that just means I’m even more awesome than I originally thought! Yay! Lee and Lizzie are from the UK and they are way cool as you can clearly see here. Obvi. So cool, in fact, that they agreed to get all fancied up again the day after their wedding just to be photographed by little ol’ me. Cool points = earned.

On a more serious note, I say it all the time on this little blog, and I fear that I start to sound like a broken record, but it’s my blog and I can do as I please…anyhow, I so so so love what I do. I love that I am able to capture things that my clients wouldn’t be able to capture on their own. I love that I get to spend some of the most important and memorable days alongside my brides and grooms. I love that for my boudoir clients, I get to watch them transform from nervous to bombshell. I just love it, and then some. I simply don’t know how else to say it.

I was photographed with my 19 month old son yesterday by a friend of ours, Jodi, in support of an amazing cause for her dear friend, Michelle. And as often as I step in front of the camera alone, I haven’t done it with my family in what feels like FOREVER. Those ten minutes made me reflect on my job more than any other ten minutes in the last ten years. Jodi sent me a handful of screenshots late last night and of course, I cried. Don’t worry, Shiran, I didn’t cry my beautiful lashes off – they’re still intact!! To have a piece of time captured like that is something that we take completely for granted, whether we are shooting love or beautiful women or something else altogether. All of those clients feel something immeasurable…beautiful…lasting. I felt that yesterday…and it made me appreciate my chosen path that much more. And truly, I didn’t even know that was possible. So thank you, Jodi, for reminding me of how damn special this is – what we have chosen to do. It’s an experience that I won’t forget, and next time I bring that camera up to my eye, the weight of it all won’t go unnoticed. No pun intended, even though those things really do weigh like 5 pounds. 😉

Don’t worry, when I get official pics, I’ll share them – swear!! Happy Mother’s Day!

a little time to reflect

Las Vegas Photographer - Weddings in Vegas

They‘ say the first quarter of the year is supposed to be slow and quiet. I’m not sure who ‘they‘ are, but I respectfully beg to differ (and I couldn’t be happier about that, of course). Now, that’s no excuse to slack on the blog, but that’s my excuse. Lots of shooty-shooty, not so much typey-typey. My bad. I know you’ve all been sad that I haven’t been as chatty as usual. However, I’ve got, like, a million new images to post now. So perhaps the mini hiatus from writing will work out for you in the end.

Anywho, in the time that I’ve been shooting, I’ve also been reflecting. And yes, I chose my sweet image of a reflection above on purpose. Oh my. This year is full of plans and things that I can’t yet begin to imagine, and I am so stoked that I get to share all of that with you. Yes, you. Sitting there reading my blog at work, or secretly on your phone in a meeting. You’re planning your wedding, or planning ways to get a little more naked when you’re in Vegas this summer. I know all about it. Not your story, specifically, of course. But I know you’re nervous and giddy and maybe a little unsure of how it all works. So let me walk you through the process. I do this every day. I sit with my clients while they reflect on so much more than their shoot. This is an experience. Whether you’re tying the knot or taking off a few layers of clothes (and inhibitions) – this is what it’s all about. Reflection.

So get after it. Call me. Email me. Send smoke signals. I don’t care. Reach out and tell me what you want to reflect on. What you want to celebrate. I’m listening.

run away, and get married

Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

Will and Jess. They ran away to get hitched, so I made them run for a cool photo. Seems fair. And to be totally honest, she was wearing flats, so I was pretty sure she’d be game. Obviously, I was right! 😉

Back to how awesome this pic is. A little ambient street light, an urban wall behind you, a slow shutter speed and an honest laugh coming out of your mouth. In. Love.

I am so glad I got to spend the afternoon with you, even if it started with a serious lack of beverages in your limo. We got it all worked out, and it was fantastic in so many ways. I’m wishing the two of you all the best – congrats!!

1st shot, and it’s already starting


Sometimes, I start shooting and the very first frame is gorgeous. Like here! Melissa and Daran have since married and moved off the the UK. They’re fancy that way. I think they have to drink tea in the afternoons now. But I love them anyway. By the way, a great laugh will get you everywhere with me. We aren’t allowed to shoot unless you’re okay with having a good time. It’s totally required. I hope your Monday is as amazing as an English scone. (which, by the way, is fantastic)