what to wear to your boudoir shoot

You’ve decided you’re ready to get sexy and do a boudoir photo shoot, and now you’re obsessing over what to wear. That’s totally normal, especially considering that we girls obsess over what to wear to the grocery store. At 10 pm. When it’s raining…

You already know we’re going to rock out some awesome hair and makeup, but what about your wardrobe!? You’ll want to decide if you’re a frills and fluff kind of girl, or maybe you’re a more seriously sexy chick. Maybe you want to go more natural, or maybe you want to be completely over the top. No matter your style, I always suggest that you wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. Maybe that’s a plain white tank top and boy shorts, or a full on black latex bodysuit with crotch-high boots! Every woman is different!

I personally love details, like lace, bows or garters. It gives the images lots of depth and gives you something to touch and flirt with. We’re telling a story with the images and part of that is the beauty of being in touch with your sensuality. One thing that makes that easy is clothing that you can touch and play with.

Fishnets are almost never a bad idea. I love the classic thigh high version, but I also love the full version under a great pair of sexy panties. It’s a totally different look and one that isn’t overdone. Knee high socks can be cute too, if you want to go the t-shirt and panties route.

Heels are an absolute must – bring as many pairs as you can shove in your bag, and the highest ones you own. If you only bring one thing, bring heels! I’ll say it again…heels! They make your butt look cute and they give you attitude. Promise! You don’t need to be able to walk in them…

Accessories like a big necklace or pretty bracelets can make a huge difference in how polished and styled your final images look. If you decide to do any implied nude or nude shots, accessories are a huge plus. As a bonus, you won’t feel quite so naked.

Speaking of, I will shoot as much (or as little!) nudity as you’re comfortable with! Maybe that makes your wardrobe decisions really easy… *winky face*

No matter what, feel comfortable and beautiful! And above all, ask me if you have questions! That’s what I’m here for – to guide you and coach you through an amazing photo shoot! ♥

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valentine’s day gift ideas

Hello, ladies! I am currently booking the last few spots for this Sunday, January 29th at Casa de Shenandoah. If you are still looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift, this is your chance! See below for all the details, and as soon as you re ready to book, contact me here!


Date: January 29th

Location: Casa de Shenandoah


  • light hair and makeup
  • up to one hour of shoot time – coached and shot by Deidra Wilson
  • up to two wardrobe options (provided by the client)
  • 6 digital images (retouched)



  • additional images from your gallery
  • a la carte products (prints, albums, etc) – must be ordered by February 5th to receive by Valentine’s Day


A few more images from the spaces we will be using:

Hope to see you there! PS losing 10 pounds is not an excuse nor a prerequisite – call me!

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Don’t overthink your boudoir wardrobe

Boudoir Outfit Inspiration

This is a tough one. What is a girl to wear when you aren’t supposed to wear much of anything at all? This is precisely why every boudoir shoot I book comes with a complimentary wardrobe consultation if you want or need it. Most of my boudoir clients get fairly nervous in the days and weeks leading up to their session. Obsessing over the details, worrying about what it will be like to be half (or totally) naked in front of a stranger (with a camera *gasp*). The build up can make this seem like it’s too far out of your comfort zone – maybe you just can’t shake those nerves. And that’s okay! Nerves are good! If you weren’t at least a tiny bit nervous, you would be in the 1% for sure. All great things start with some apprehension. Just accept that you’ll probably be a little bit on edge and let’s get after it and make some amazing images that you will want to look at forever (and ever!).

Boudoir Outfit Inspiration

So, why did I bring up nerves before your shoot? Because everyone seems to think that they should walk in the door, totally confident and ready to rock with 17 coordinated and accessorized outfits. The reality is that most times, your confidence in your photo shoot is typically boosted once we start shooting and I can show you the back of the camera and the magic we are creating together. I don’t want your nerves to get in the way of the shoot you really want to have. And that means you need to be confident in what you’re wearing. Absolutely, drop dead confident. Now…that being said – I can totally help you decide what will look and feel the best on the day of your session. And this is unique to every. single. woman. that has ever graced my lens with their presence.

Boudoir Outfits

Some clients love the basics – white tank top/booty shorts/no shoes. Some women go all out with French lingerie decked out in details like lace and buckles and the highest heels they can buy. Lots (and lots) of clients are discovering how beautiful they feel wearing nothing but…a white sheet!! Bonus – every hotel has them, so you don’t have to pack anything extra for this look! Maybe you have an old favorite that you pull out of your drawer for special occasions but you’re worried that it pinches your skin or doesn’t fit JUST right. Let me just tell you now. We all have at least a little bra fat. All of us. Me. You. The lady behind you in line at Starbucks. All of us. Rest assured that I am here to help you. I will pose and light you like a pro – because I am one! I am a master of hiding insecurities and highlighting strengths. Every client gets a chance to tell me what they love and what they don’t. And that answer is also different for everyone. What kind of person would I be if I just put you in Poses A-G and called it a day? A terrible one. Because every body likes different things. ALL women have loads of sexy/badass/gorgeous/flirty/happy qualities and I know just how to find them within you and take amazing pictures of them. Done.

I typically recommend 3 “looks” for my entry level Collections and up to 7 “looks” for the sessions with more shoot time and final images. Too many outfits can be overwhelming, but if you find yourself on the fence about a certain outfit, just bring it and we can decide together during hair and makeup if you want to include it or not. So let’s start with the purpose of your session. Is it just for you? Is it for a partner? Is it for a partner, but also secretly totally for you?!  This one actually happens a lot. If the shoot is just for you, your job is simple – go with what makes you happy, and let’s get to work and rock it. If your shoot is meant for a significant other as a gift, then let’s work backwards with a balance of what you want to wear for them, and what you know will make them say “WOW” or “Holy Shit!” or something similar when they see your photos for the first time. Because WOW and Holy Shit! are both completely acceptable responses to naked pics.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

So don’t overthink it. Wear what you like and what you feel sexy or flirty in. Set up your consultation with me and let’s go over your options and powwow about what you love/hate/are scared about. Think outside the box. Let’s say your husband is really into golf… I had a recent client shoot with just a golf club. As in, no clothing or Frederick’s of Hollywood needed – just a golf club. Grab your partner’s favorite shirt, hat, sports equipment, etc and we will find a way to make it sexy on you. Bring in some color if you want to! A pop of color is always a nice touch, especially if we can coordinate it with your makeup or shoes!

One thing that you must not forget to bring is: confidence! Even if you aren’t feeling totally 100% sure about this whole thing before I walk through your door, know that I am confident. I am not afraid of anything you can throw at me. I will work with you until we achieve our goal of beautiful images. And finally, ask me for help. That’s what I’m here for. And if all else fails, grab a glass of wine and start googling ‘boudoir wardrobe ideas’ – Pinterest alone will keep you plenty inspired.

Boudoir Outfit Ideas - Lace

Stay calm. Now it’s your turn!

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miss l | private residence | boudoir

Vegas Boudoir Photos

Give me a room with windows on two sides and I’ll give you this. And even if you give me a dark room with no windows, I’ll still work my magic! I want emojis on my blog so I can insert a magician emoji here…

Vegas Boudoir Photos

Let’s make some magic!

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miss s | boudoir | palms place

Las Vegas Boudoir Photos

This post makes me want to do all black and white, all the time, yo. Above, a little pre-game eyeliner…because…eyeliner. Below, final touches.

Las Vegas Boudoir Photos

Holy hell, woman.

Las Vegas Boudoir Photos

I can do a handstand, but mine doesn’t quite look like this… Maybe next time I’ll wear a sheer lace top while I do it. That can only help the cause, right?

Las Vegas Boudoir Photos

And, because I just can’t help it – a selfie!!

Las Vegas Boudoir Photos

Your turn! Call me and let’s do handstands together. Or not. We can also just lie in bed and look equally as hot. Promise. *kisses*

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Miss A | Rumor | Boudoir

Las Vegas Boudoir Shoot

Holy bedroom hair!! Okay, my hair totes doesn’t look like this, even on a good day – and I can still take sexy pics with the best of them. So…it’s okay if you don’t have hair like this, either. Miss A is just naturally blessed!! PS The pic below is quite possible one of my top 5 hair and makeup BTS (behind the scenes) photos I’ve ever taken… So much glam in one image almost isn’t fair…

Las Vegas Boudoir Shoot

I posted the middle image below on Instagram last week, just to show you that a fancy pants wardrobe isn’t always necessary! These sessions are about you…not what you’re wearing, or which hotel room you booked, or what your lingerie budget is, or anything else you can dream up.

You. The session is about you. Reconnecting and discovering a side of yourself that you don’t get to hang out with every day. And for that, please feel free to wear a slouchy sweater. Or a cut off tank top. Or be naked. Whatever you feel like wearing will suit me JUST fine!

Las Vegas Boudoir Shoot

Now it’s your turn! Call me and let’s do it – no matter what you want to wear! Click below whenever you’re ready (and even if you think you aren’t – click anyway – don’t be scared!). ♥

Call me!

Mrs. W | Private Home | Boudoir


Confidence is key. And even if you don’t actually feel it, you can fake it for a few hours. And I will help you…because I want you to come out the other side of your session feeling on top of the world. I can promise you that you will reap more from this experience than you could possibly imagine. Clients tell me, again and again, how much more in touch with themselves they feel…how much more confident they are…and how this session has changed them for the better. Maybe you’re thinking about doing this as a gift for someone – but the truth is – the gift to yourself is immensely meaningful, and long lasting. You deserve nothing less – so let’s get it on!



Now is the time – time to see yourself for who you truly are – a beautiful and confident woman. A woman that can conquer anything. Including her fear of being half naked in front of a stranger for 90 minutes. Because, let’s be honest – there are worse things! Let me show you how a few hours can change your life.


Miss T | Hard Rock | Boudoir


Miss T – hot damn. Throw your head back and let ’em have it. I’m sure the view from the pool was one to remember! This is one helluva way to start your Monday, girls. So call me!! Click below to make it happen.


Mrs. S | Bellagio | Boudoir


I adore this woman. She has come to see me twice now!! This was our second shoot, and somehow even more fun than the first because the element of nerves was (mostly) gone by the time I walked in the door!


Bodyscapes are a classic and so much fun to shoot. This setup requires a bit more time, but it’s totally worth it!!


And yes – you’ll hear me preach it about 67 more times this month, but be free! It’s okay to be sensual and sexual and feel good about yourself.

Be joyous. Be goofy. Be yourself. Be free!!


Ms. A | MGM Grand Hotel & Suites | Boudoir


Ahhhh, the balconies at MGM Grand are to die for. Ever since they updated the decor, I think I’m in love. The light is spectacular and the views are second to none. Apart from the balcony, I really do love the process of coaching a client through the emotions of the afternoon. It’s hard to feel vulnerable and sexy at the same time – but that’s my job, not yours! We will run the gamut from pleasure to longing to joy. It’s tiring and uplifting at the same time. It produces what I am calling the “boudoir high.” I can’t wait to walk you through it so you can see for yourself!