Jayson and Stephanie | Engaged | One Hour

Jayson and Stephanie met at a public library where they both worked, and the rest is history! I’ll be photographing their wedding in December of this year, and they wanted to create some memorable images for their save the date cards. We were able to secure permission to shoot their engagement session at the Paseo Verde Library here in Henderson, and the location turned out to be absolutely perfect. We were able to incorporate lots of elements of their love story into these images, and I can’t wait to see what we come up with for the wedding day! Congrats, you guys – see you in a few short months!

Stephanie has an awesome Instax printer that lets her print pics from her phone to film. This might be the coolest thing ever.

Check out this save the date idea!!

Now it’s your turn! If you’re local (or traveling here!) and want to celebrate your engagement with a session that shows your story, I would be honored to help you do that! Call me! ♥

Masoud and Kim | Spring Mountain Ranch at Red Rock | Engagement Session


This little red house makes me happy. When people think of Las Vegas photo shoots, they probably aren’t imagining an adorable red and white house, or a white picket fence – but we have it! We have it and you can have it, too. Spring Mountain Ranch is the best place to get Red Rock views without paying a Red Rock permit (disclaimer: SMR also has a permit fee, but the fee is only $50, which is downright reasonable!).


See? White picket fence!




On a side note, look at how sweetly they match! Not TOO matchy matchy, just a hint of matchy matchy! Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean that you are now one and the very same. You can still wear your very own clothes. True story.


Have an amazing week and click below to contact me now – I can’t wait to hear from you!


Dan and Kayleigh | Secret Dry Lake Bed | Two Hour Shoot


Dan and Kayleigh are set to get married this year, and they celebrated their engagement with a session on the dry lakebed. Kayleigh wanted a glamorous feel to the images and opted for 2 beautiful gowns and a tux for Dan.


The lakebed never disappoints with its wind and diffused light. And a few barefoot photos never hurt anyone.




Static spray to the rescue! He’s a keeper!







red rock in the clouds

So…shooting an engagement session in Red Rock Canyon is pretty much awesomesauce. Ohdeargoddidijustsaythat? Too bad. It is awesome. And picturesque. And fun. And awesome. And I just happen to know how you can get a permit to do it. pro tip: just ask me to do it for you


Even under the clouds, the colors are some of my favorites. Reds and creams and browns. Which all all just shades of happy if you ask me. Yeah, that’s little hippie, but I’m a little, teensieweensie bit hippie. On the inside, mostly.


When you have a permit, you are allowed (edit: encouraged) to hop fences and make friends with the cows. Seriously, permitted shooting is the bomb.




I asked if I could come and live in the barn/house. The rangers laughed. But I was actually sorta serious. The views donotsuck.





Keep it real, you guys – can’t wait to see the pics from the big day back home!!

the cool kids in the hall

You remember those kids from high school? The ones that just had charisma and mojo and the hot boyfriend/girlfriend and all that jazz? I swear these two were those cool kids. I like to think I was a cool kid once – but damn if I wasn’t always just diligently doing homework and going to bed on time all throughout high school. Thank God for my 20s to make up for some of that jackassery.

Anyway, this session was crazy fun and went by so damn fast. I spent some time with Audra in hair and makeup before we met her fiancee out on the Strip for an hour of fun and games and…oh right, we took a few photos, too.

By the way, I tend to be chatty. Like, really chatty. I like to talk and get to know you and as much of your life story as you’re willing to share. I love the human connection – the sharing of the experience and the images we create will reflect that! I will see the laughs and looks you share with your loved one – and my camera will see it all, too. So don’t be shocked if I ask you if you have any dogs, or what your favorite drink is or whether or not you might believe the Moon Spaceship Theory. It’s all part of the grand plan! Long story short – if you’re hoping for a no-nonsense, all-business photoshoot – I am not your girl, y’all.


I like a good makeout sesh on the escalator. So do all the other tourists. Expect potential applause for this type of behavior…



Dear God, my in camera skills are amazing. (pats self on back shamelessly) See below for Exhibit A.




And there’s no place like NY, from what I hear… *winkywinky* – I love this bridge and how it photographs at night (and during the day, if you can believe that!!?)… More on THAT later this month. Until then, please feel free to have a makeout sesh wherever you want – escalators and lookyloos be damned.

#protip: daytime sessions on the Strip are awesome if you’d like to avoid most of the drunken photobomb moments known to happen on a Saturday night (this session had none of those moments, which is AWESOME!)

even more perspective…

Las Vegas Desert Engagement

A few weeks ago I posted about perspective and reflection, and how important it is. But this time, I’m simply talking about the act of climbing up a ladder so that my view through the lens changed ever-so-slightly. Raj and Sam sent me a handful of shots they really liked, and the one thing I noticed was that several of them were shot from above. So, as I was packing up my truck to head to their shoot, I made sure I left enough room for my 8 foot ladder (and my assistant!).

While Amanda had a fun time trying to keep that bad boy steady for me on the lakebed, it was totally worth the handful of times I nearly ate it. I love that I can only see the lakebed here, and no horizon. Lakebed shoots are for those that want their images to be completely about them, and this added aspect makes the shot even more stark and powerful. So, IF you want some awesome aerial style shots (okay, okay – that’s pushing it, I know) – be sure to tell me so I can grab the ladder on my way out the door!

Happy Tuesday!

let’s get serious

Okay, so you guys remember these two from their fabulous costumes last month, right? Well, this is what they look like before they get all crazy. So, let’s get serious for a bit, shall we? I love the images that we created that day – these two were so easy to photograph – open to the process and trusting in me to make everything pretty. And I did! You don’t have to be a professional to get great shots – yuo just have to be open to letting me guide you thru our time together and I will allow those moments to happen organically. Hippie talk aside, just be ready to have fun – that’s it! Now, on to the seriousness…

One of my faves from the session – adore the frame and the intensity between them 🙂






love love love love love – yep…


Ooooooh, it’s the famous gold wall!


And one more fun one to finish it off. I love a good motion shot!


Happy Friday!

reach for the sky

Las Vegas Engagement Shoot Mandarin Oriental

Nicole and Jamie were totally committed to their session. I mean it. Totally. Committed.

They met at a costume party on Halloween, so they celebrated their engagement with a beautiful session on the Strip, followed by a ridiculous ten minutes in front of the fabulous gold wall. I am quite sure all the fancy pants watching us from the lobby thought we were certifiable. Oh well. It was worth it, as you can see. Stay tuned for their full session, which will obviously showcase more stuff like this. Obvs.

under the bridge

Las Vegas Strip Engagement Session

So, sometimes I have to do weird stuff, like send you up the escalator while I troll under the bridge waiting for the perfect shot. But, see? It’s worth it. Promise.

Brandon and Aubrie were in town for their bachelor and bachelorette parties and decided Vegas was a great place to shoot their engagement photos. Clearly, I agree. We wandered around the Strip for an hour or so last Thursday and were shocked that there was plenty of space to shoot without a million people behind them. Yay for slow nights! 🙂

As we were headed back to their hotel, I saw this angle just before we headed up the stairs and thought it might make for a cool shot. I’ll try just about anything to get ‘the’ shot. So I sent them on up and yelled a few instructions their way. And I like where it all went. Congrats you two – your San Fran wedding will be fantastic!!

1st shot, and it’s already starting


Sometimes, I start shooting and the very first frame is gorgeous. Like here! Melissa and Daran have since married and moved off the the UK. They’re fancy that way. I think they have to drink tea in the afternoons now. But I love them anyway. By the way, a great laugh will get you everywhere with me. We aren’t allowed to shoot unless you’re okay with having a good time. It’s totally required. I hope your Monday is as amazing as an English scone. (which, by the way, is fantastic)