adieu, 2017

I have officially wrapped up the year with my last session out on the lakebed. This year I had some really amazing clients. I have laughed (and cried!) my way through nearly 150 sessions this year. I have spent a ton of time in some of my favorite places. I have made friends, and I have learned so much from each and every one of you (thank you!). These two are no exception, as they packed up their stuff in one car and moved from New York to Vegas because it sounded like fun. Hell, that might be how half of us ended up here, to be honest. Cheers to their bravado and cheers to their wedding next year.

PS – Don’t judge me for the crying part – I love my job – and watching two people create something beautiful together is often an emotional experience for me, too!

the winter wind is your friend – see what nice things it does to your dress, ladies? ♥

And now it’s your turn! If you’re tying the knot in 2018, I (really!) want to be there! Click below and let’s make it happen!

Winter weddings in the desert

Happy engagement season (and Happy Thanksgiving)! Should you find yourself here, newly engaged and considering an elopement this winter, congratulations! Vegas doesn’t really have a “wedding season” – and I’m often asked if it’s going to be cold or rainy or cloudy or (insert weather phenomenon here)… And the answer is….*drumroll please*….I have no idea. I’m sorry. But I can tell you that it’s totally possible to get married (even outdoors!) in Vegas in the wintertime.

Our winters are typically mild compared to where most of my clients are from. If you’re coming from the east coast, or Canada or the UK, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at the lovely weather we have in February. For my Australian friends, coming from summer to winter might be a little bit rough, but I promise you’ll survive. The biggest thing to contend with in the wintertime is the wind. But to be honest, it’s almost always windy here, so I warn my clients of that ahead of time, regardless of the time of year. Note the photos below. If you just roll with it and embrace the desert, the desert will embrace you right back.

windy lakebed wedding with the ever fabulous Peachy Keen Unions


wrap yourself up in a pretty stole to keep your shoulders warm


don’t take the wind too seriously


wear your hair down (or maybe half down) and love the movement the breeze creates


Now – call me so we can plan on where we’ll freeze our butts off in the wind for your big day. At least we’ll freeze and be windblown together! ♥

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Dan and Kayleigh | Secret Dry Lake Bed | Two Hour Shoot


Dan and Kayleigh are set to get married this year, and they celebrated their engagement with a session on the dry lakebed. Kayleigh wanted a glamorous feel to the images and opted for 2 beautiful gowns and a tux for Dan.


The lakebed never disappoints with its wind and diffused light. And a few barefoot photos never hurt anyone.




Static spray to the rescue! He’s a keeper!







get married in the desert. tell all your friends.

What it’s like to spend the afternoon on the desert lakebed and at El Dorado Canyon. And then Instagram the hell out of it. And feel free to tag me. It makes me feel special.


















I mean, it could totally be worse, right? Happy weekend, kitties!!

how to: vegas courthouse wedding

I get a lot of people calling these days to see if I can shoot their Las Vegas courthouse wedding. I think the trend and pull of the Vegas quickie wedding still holds so much power for so many. Maybe you want to elope because it’s faster, or cheaper – or because your family is driving you crazy and you don’t want 300 people at your ceremony and you justwanttotelleachotherhowmuchyouloveeachotherandgetonwithyourlife. Whatever your reason, it’s totally fine to want images that aren’t too terribly cheesy and won’t make your mom cry when she looks at them 10 years later. By the way, if that happens to you, it’s also totally fine to book an anniversary shoot – I do tons of those. More than you might think!!

Anyhow, you decided to do things quick and dirty – you want cool pics? Book a two hour session and get your photo shoot on, kids. See below for how to do a Vegas courthouse wedding:

Step one – realize that it’s happening. Get mildly giddy as the afternoon wears on.





The giddyness is becoming more and more prevalent. Just go with it.





Arrive in style to the little window where you’ll sign on the dotted line.



Wait nervously while the judge tries to memorize how to pronounce your names. She’s doing her best. (PS – if you want an officiant to create a beautiful, personalized and memorable ceremony – we can do that, too – call Angie and click here! She can also do quick and dirty – anywhere you want!)


Exchange vows – quickly, now!



Be proud of yourselves in the elevator on the way down.


No really – be PROUD of yourselves!



And that, my dear friends, is how to do a Vegas courthouse wedding. Happy Tuesday. And you’re welcome.

a sense of adventure



They leaned into each other as the wind whipped around their bodies. All afternoon. That’s what we were fighting, but these two simply went with it – allowing the day and our time together to simply unfold in its own way. We cannot control the weather and we cannot dictate if there will be duststorms on the lakebed. Sorry guys, I can honestly never tell what it will look like until we round that very last mountain and peek over to the south! This day, I actually pulled over before we even got on the highway to tell them that I had never seen so much dust in the air and that we might not even be able to shoot if it was really bad when we got down there.

They didn’t care, so we kept going! So from now on, a sense of adventure is required for all future photo shoots. ๐Ÿ™‚ It worked out fine and we just drove on past the storm and shot on the other side of it. If nothing else, I can promise a damn good time! And dirt in places you didn’t know existed.


Happy dusty shooting!

even more perspective…

Las Vegas Desert Engagement

A few weeks ago I posted about perspective and reflection, and how important it is. But this time, I’m simply talking about the act of climbing up a ladder so that my view through the lens changed ever-so-slightly. Raj and Sam sent me a handful of shots they really liked, and the one thing I noticed was that several of them were shot from above. So, as I was packing up my truck to head to their shoot, I made sure I left enough room for my 8 foot ladder (and my assistant!).

While Amanda had a fun time trying to keep that bad boy steady for me on the lakebed, it was totally worth the handful of times I nearly ate it. I love that I can only see the lakebed here, and no horizon. Lakebed shoots are for those that want their images to be completely about them, and this added aspect makes the shot even more stark and powerful. So, IF you want some awesome aerial style shots (okay, okay – that’s pushing it, I know) – be sure to tell me so I can grab the ladder on my way out the door!

Happy Tuesday!

the sprinkler

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer1-02

The laughing started from the moment they stepped out of their rental car and onto the sandy flats of the lakebed. Randy hooked us up with a sweet rendition of the sprinkler, and Katharina couldn’t help but crack a smile. She was set to marry this man in just a few short hours.

I had the pleasure of spending several hours with them before they made it official, and it was clear that their sense of humor was a huge part of their love for one another. The jokes were flying and the secret looks became too many to count. There’s more to come from these two later this week. Happy Wednesday!

want to stay married? get sassy

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer - jump shots

Merry Xmas Eve, y’all. I just had to share this one with you, since everyone is probably trolling Facebook and such while they wait for NORAD to track Santa to their town. Very important, that Santa guy… ๐Ÿ™‚

Anywho, this is a shot from before it got cold and mildly winter-ish here in Vegas, and these two totally cracked me up during our last hour of shooting. We were attempting a handful of jump shots, and Mike turned to Kate and said, “I want to do a sassy jump, too” and then burst out laughing. So we did a sassy jump. And laughed some more.

And there’s no greater joy than seeing two people so in love that they’re willing to be a little (or a lot) goofy with each other. That’s the mark of a long, happy life of sassy jumps together.

I wish you all the happiest holiday season!!

get lost in the moment

Las Vegas Photographer 01

They were actually lost in other for just a brief moment. Out there, on the lakebed, as the sun was setting. I was wrapping up a few last test shots for the light and I realized that they were just sitting there, foreheads touching, basking in the moment. Not even realizing that I was still shooting. Perfection. And on to the story!

Las Vegas Photographer 02

Coby and Jenn traveled to Vegas to tie the knot, all the way from Oklahoma, where Jenn is an assistant to two wedding photographers herself. Talk about pressure. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love when I get to shoot people ‘in the industry’ – they always have a few ideas and tricks up their sleeves which is great for keeping it fun.

Las Vegas Photographer 03

They actually got married a couple of days before the shoot and although I wasn’t available on their actual wedding day, we were able to schedule a 2 hour shoot a few days afterwards. So Jenn got all fancy again and Coby got all dressed up and off we went.

Las Vegas Photographer 04

Oh really, with the over the shoulder come hither look? He’s got himself a handful, I can just tell. ๐Ÿ™‚

Las Vegas Photographer 05

I call this one makeout corner. Everyone steals a kiss after we shoot here.

Las Vegas Photographer 06

Las Vegas Photographer 07

Las Vegas Photographer 08

We laughed so hard trying to get this shot. Coby and Jenn walk fast. Like, really fast. And I instructed them to walk slowly down the sidewalk. But they couldn’t. And when they tried, they couldn’t stop laughing. Even better than a slow walk, if you ask me.

Las Vegas Photographer 09

Las Vegas Photographer 10

Las Vegas Photographer 11

One last shot in front of the Vegas mural (a personal fave) and we piled into the car for the lakebed. And arrived at exactly the perfect moment.

Las Vegas Photographer 12

*side note* if you are so lucky as to choose the time of your ceremony/photo shoot/image related shenanigans, please please please consult with your photographer – I can help you decide on timing and location so that everything looks its absolute best!

Las Vegas Photographer 13

Las Vegas Photographer 14

Las Vegas Photographer 15

Las Vegas Photographer 16

Las Vegas Photographer 17

Another one of the forehead touching moments. I love these two. I don’t even think they knew I was there.

Las Vegas Photographer 18

Las Vegas Photographer 19

Las Vegas Photographer 20

And one last shot of classic hotness to wrap it up. Happy Tuesday, y’all!!