The Marques’ | 2 hour wedding | The Strip

Michael and Taylor officially tied the knot at San Francisco City Hall before they came to Vegas, and threw a big party here in town for their friends and family to celebrate their union. After a few getting ready pictures in their suite, we headed down to the Strip to walk alongside the Bellagio Fountains before wrapping up our evening on the private patio at Picasso. There are so many different ways to celebrate your marriage here in Las Vegas – and this is yet another example. Lots of my clients envision quick elopement sessions downtown with yours truly as the witness (and yes, we can definitely do that!), but we can also celebrate anniversaries and milestones and anything else you can think of. The beauty of Vegas is that there’s no one way to do it “right.” You can absolutely do it your way, and it would be my honor to capture the day for you, no matter what that means to you and yours.

That ring and those shoes… #sparkleparty

The view from Bellagio never disappoints.

To be honest, they both had great taste in footwear…

Helping his bride untangle her earrings from her hair. True love.

Picasso views don’t disappoint, either.

Now it’s your turn! No matter what you have planned, I want to hear about it. Call me or click below – I can’t wait to hear from you. ♥

The Williams’ | 2 Hour Wedding | Las Vegas Strip

The love between Seth and Jamie is damn near palpable. Just look at how they look at each other! I loved hearing their story and capturing a Vegas wedding with a little bit of tradition (like getting ready shots!). Elopements don’t always lend themselves to the detail shots and quieter moments, but this one did – including the most adorable flower girl.

See? Totally adorable!

Helping with the bride’s shoes is a must!

Check out those socks, and of course, Jamie’s glittery Keds! Now it’s your turn – I would be thrilled to capture your wedding day – whether it’s a small elopement for just the two of you or a family affair. Call me and tell me all about the details! ♥

The Heatherlys | Rain, Rain on a Wedding Day | Wedding Coverage

Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

Rain is good luck on your wedding day! Even more so if you get married in Las Vegas. Because it rains here about 7 times a year. Bonus points if you wear your uniform and your wife is hilarious and you give us history lessons on the Uber ride.

Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

The gold wall at Mandarin Oriental is actually amazing in black and white. Who would’ve known?

Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

Illicit casino pics. Sorry, casino – this one was a happy accident.

Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

This overhang tops my architectural spots in Vegas. All of those lines make my heart sing!

Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

Blurry kisses for the wedding day win!

Las Vegas Wedding - Military Wedding

So, even if it doesn’t rain, and you don’t have a uniform – I hope you guys are ready to be hilarious (PS – I’m hilarious – so if you’re not, it’s okay – I’ll be happy to make an ass of myself at my own expense which takes all the pressure off of you!). Call me and let’s make it happen!

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The Knotts | Neon Museum | Wedding | 2 Hours of Coverage


PSA: It is totally okay to do your session during the day! And the light is so dang pretty. See here for proof!




Kirsti and Sam opted for a post wedding day photo shoot at both the Neon Museum and then on to the Strip. I’ve posted a few from this session before, and it truly remains one of my favorites.








And now it’s your turn! Click below to chat with me about your session. Email or call me anytime – I’d LOVE to talk you about your vision for your day!


The Loshs | Arts District and Las Vegas Strip | Wedding


The Loshs tied the knot just before we met up for two hours of wedding day coverage in both the Arts District and on the Strip. This is a perfect combo for those that want to have a little fun mixed with a little bit of classic Vegas! You get colorful backdrops, iconic Vegas views and just enough time to cover them all.


This location is the Smith Center, and is Las Vegas’ performing arts center – it is great for classic architectural lines and manicured greenery that you won’t find elsewhere.







Happy Tuesday!

y’all come back now, ya hear?

When you get married and then come back to Vegas a year later to celebrate your anniversary – call me. Scott and Louise did just that, and I loved it. It felt like we were old friends by then and we pretty much laughed our way through the session. We timed it so that we could have both daytime and evening shots (my fave!), and they could hardly stay ‘hands off’ long enough for a photo, which is fine by me. I mean, they ARE married now – it’s all legal and such! 😉











See you two next year!

vegas by morning

I have a pretty big secret… I love the Strip the most before 11am. Yup. I can’t even lie. Just check out the light behind these two in their images. Yes, they went to the Neon Museum, too, which is always a killer spot…but those Strip shots in the morning were no joke. Maybe this is just what you’re looking for, too! Maybe you don’t want to fight off all the crowds in the evening. Maybe you like brighter images. If this is you…call me. I will totally go there with you bright and early!












Can I keep you guys?! And yes, the hamper made its way to me all the way from London. Your shortbread cookies are creating a problem in my house…as in – we can’t decide who gets the last one...

the cool kids in the hall

You remember those kids from high school? The ones that just had charisma and mojo and the hot boyfriend/girlfriend and all that jazz? I swear these two were those cool kids. I like to think I was a cool kid once – but damn if I wasn’t always just diligently doing homework and going to bed on time all throughout high school. Thank God for my 20s to make up for some of that jackassery.

Anyway, this session was crazy fun and went by so damn fast. I spent some time with Audra in hair and makeup before we met her fiancee out on the Strip for an hour of fun and games and…oh right, we took a few photos, too.

By the way, I tend to be chatty. Like, really chatty. I like to talk and get to know you and as much of your life story as you’re willing to share. I love the human connection – the sharing of the experience and the images we create will reflect that! I will see the laughs and looks you share with your loved one – and my camera will see it all, too. So don’t be shocked if I ask you if you have any dogs, or what your favorite drink is or whether or not you might believe the Moon Spaceship Theory. It’s all part of the grand plan! Long story short – if you’re hoping for a no-nonsense, all-business photoshoot – I am not your girl, y’all.


I like a good makeout sesh on the escalator. So do all the other tourists. Expect potential applause for this type of behavior…



Dear God, my in camera skills are amazing. (pats self on back shamelessly) See below for Exhibit A.




And there’s no place like NY, from what I hear… *winkywinky* – I love this bridge and how it photographs at night (and during the day, if you can believe that!!?)… More on THAT later this month. Until then, please feel free to have a makeout sesh wherever you want – escalators and lookyloos be damned.

#protip: daytime sessions on the Strip are awesome if you’d like to avoid most of the drunken photobomb moments known to happen on a Saturday night (this session had none of those moments, which is AWESOME!)

elopements FTW 

Vegas Elopement

I secretly love it when my clients elope.  I understand both extremes of weddings. From two people that still need a witness (I’ll be your witness!!) to a 400 person, 3 day bash – I’ve seen it all and I understand it both ways. (It’s also fine to fall right in the middle!)

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

What I love about elopements is how little pressure you will feel and how much time we get to shoot together. Instead of 15 hurried minutes after the ceremony to create those pieces for your walls, we might get to leisurely stroll around the Arts District for an hour and then head out to the lakebed or down to the Strip. The beauty of it all is that you can do whatever you want.

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

If you’re doing a 2 hour Collection, it’s really the perfect amount of time for a post-wedding photoshoot. We will get to laugh, love and be magical. And I will get to show my true silly self. Yay!!

Vegas Elopement

Vegas Elopement

PS – I will also be my true silly self even if you have guests at your wedding. I’m sorry but there’s no way around that. My apologies in advance.

big city elopement

These two came to Vegas to do it up right. They may be from a small town, but they loved the lights and action on the Strip. And I loved how much they loved each other! I was scanning through their images to find a few to blog, and I realized how much they kissed all night!! Ha! Good stuff. Keep it up, you two.