how to: vegas courthouse wedding

I get a lot of people calling these days to see if I can shoot their Las Vegas courthouse wedding. I think the trend and pull of the Vegas quickie wedding still holds so much power for so many. Maybe you want to elope because it’s faster, or cheaper – or because your family is driving you crazy and you don’t want 300 people at your ceremony and you justwanttotelleachotherhowmuchyouloveeachotherandgetonwithyourlife. Whatever your reason, it’s totally fine to want images that aren’t too terribly cheesy and won’t make your mom cry when she looks at them 10 years later. By the way, if that happens to you, it’s also totally fine to book an anniversary shoot – I do tons of those. More than you might think!!

Anyhow, you decided to do things quick and dirty – you want cool pics? Book a two hour session and get your photo shoot on, kids. See below for how to do a Vegas courthouse wedding:

Step one – realize that it’s happening. Get mildly giddy as the afternoon wears on.





The giddyness is becoming more and more prevalent. Just go with it.





Arrive in style to the little window where you’ll sign on the dotted line.



Wait nervously while the judge tries to memorize how to pronounce your names. She’s doing her best. (PS – if you want an officiant to create a beautiful, personalized and memorable ceremony – we can do that, too – call Angie and click here! She can also do quick and dirty – anywhere you want!)


Exchange vows – quickly, now!



Be proud of yourselves in the elevator on the way down.


No really – be PROUD of yourselves!



And that, my dear friends, is how to do a Vegas courthouse wedding. Happy Tuesday. And you’re welcome.