what to wear to your boudoir shoot

You’ve decided you’re ready to get sexy and do a boudoir photo shoot, and now you’re obsessing over what to wear. That’s totally normal, especially considering that we girls obsess over what to wear to the grocery store. At 10 pm. When it’s raining…

You already know we’re going to rock out some awesome hair and makeup, but what about your wardrobe!? You’ll want to decide if you’re a frills and fluff kind of girl, or maybe you’re a more seriously sexy chick. Maybe you want to go more natural, or maybe you want to be completely over the top. No matter your style, I always suggest that you wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. Maybe that’s a plain white tank top and boy shorts, or a full on black latex bodysuit with crotch-high boots! Every woman is different!

I personally love details, like lace, bows or garters. It gives the images lots of depth and gives you something to touch and flirt with. We’re telling a story with the images and part of that is the beauty of being in touch with your sensuality. One thing that makes that easy is clothing that you can touch and play with.

Fishnets are almost never a bad idea. I love the classic thigh high version, but I also love the full version under a great pair of sexy panties. It’s a totally different look and one that isn’t overdone. Knee high socks can be cute too, if you want to go the t-shirt and panties route.

Heels are an absolute must – bring as many pairs as you can shove in your bag, and the highest ones you own. If you only bring one thing, bring heels! I’ll say it again…heels! They make your butt look cute and they give you attitude. Promise! You don’t need to be able to walk in them…

Accessories like a big necklace or pretty bracelets can make a huge difference in how polished and styled your final images look. If you decide to do any implied nude or nude shots, accessories are a huge plus. As a bonus, you won’t feel quite so naked.

Speaking of, I will shoot as much (or as little!) nudity as you’re comfortable with! Maybe that makes your wardrobe decisions really easy… *winky face*

No matter what, feel comfortable and beautiful! And above all, ask me if you have questions! That’s what I’m here for – to guide you and coach you through an amazing photo shoot! ♥

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