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Your wedding
Your wedding day will go by quickly, I know mine did. That's why I don't just photograph weddings - I cover them. The day will be full of hidden moments, excited laughter, emotions from your friends and family you probably do not normally see, that silly thing that happened over there and those unavoidable butterflies. It's my mission to find those moments and capture them forever so you will always remember them, always remember your story. I take pride in capturing grandma's air guitar and a groomsman that cannot hold back his tears. Your story is the best story ever told.
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About Details
Each couple has a story and it's often one that's filled with quirky moments and things that make them uniquely them. This story translates into details to be captured at every wedding, whether it's a small affair for 2 or an all-out bash for 200. The details are the big picture and without them, the story feels incomplete. The details are what make your wedding so very you. From your shoes to your rings to your 'something blue', every detail is distinctively and perfectly part of your day. I capture details in a unique way, weaving together a beautiful tapestry that tells the start of your story.
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Dance shoes
After the proposal, after the planning, after the nerves - finally comes your fabulous Las Vegas wedding reception. It's your chance as newlyweds to blow off some steam, celebrate with friends and family and for some of you, your time to cut a rug in the spotlight. I keep my camera in the middle of the action, ready to capture every smile, loving gaze and your new spouse doing the robot to perfection. Before your wedding we will discuss your shot list to ensure I know exactly what you want photographed at your reception and when. Relax, put on your dancing shoes and let's have fun.
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As a wedding photographer, I find that my couples have vastly different opinions about what makes the perfect wedding. And no one's wedding should be made to fit into a box that someone else built. I offer all day coverage, and I offer coverage for two hours. And sometimes you just need coverage that falls in between! No matter what you envision for your wedding day, together we can create the perfect timeline and coverage to capture exactly what you want. Collections start at two hours - perfect for smaller affairs or post-chapel photo shoots. From there we can create a longer Collection that would cover more time and more of the day. And if you decide you need it all, all day coverage means just that - I'll be there from start to finish. From the moment you step out of the shower in the morning until you leave the party in wedded bliss at the end of the night - I'm there for every emotional moment, every special event, every look and every laugh. No need to cut the cake before dinner is served to accommodate my schedule. I'm there for you and only you, all night long.
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Some couples choose to have intimate ceremonies with just the two of them, an officiant and a witness (I can serve as your witness if needed). Other couples choose opulent affairs surrounded by friends and family as they exchange vows. Whatever you and your fiance are planning - I want to photograph your wedding. No event is too big or too small.
Get Dressed
Get Dressed
The images from your wedding day aren't something to be treated lightly. While it would be quite easy for me to send you a manila envelope with a disk stuck inside, I think the process of viewing your images should be special and it should feel as grand and extraordinary as your wedding did, even if it was just the two of you exchanging vows at a place near and dear to your hearts. Packaging a disk is a process for me - I painstakingly put it all together so that when you peel back the layers, you feel the love that was put into it. I fall deeply for each of my clients' stories and an unavoidable byproduct of that is that I want each step along our path together to feel amazingly full of joy for everyone involved.

I take the time to edit each image by hand, one by one. Each image is touched before it ever leaves my studio - color corrected, processed for the perfect print and treated as carefully as I treat the images of my own family. And then I deliver that disk to you within two weeks of your event (if you're local, I even hand deliver it!). There's no such thing as the 'standard 4-6 weeks' in my book. My book doesn't even know what that means. I process your images in a timely manner, but without rushing through them. For me, that's part of the experience and it's the level of service that your images deserve.

All of my Collections include the disk of final, fully edited high resolution digital images for your use. You can print them, tweet them and Facebook them to your heart's desire. Should you decide you want to order prints or an album, I certainly offer all of those things a la carte. I can help you choose sizes for your wall prints, design a custom album that's truly 'You' and anything else you can think of - no matter what you have in mind, I can make it happen! They're your memories and I want to help you preserve them in a way that makes you smile through and through every time you see them.blue
So whats Next
So let's get married! Well, you're going to get married and I'm going to watch it all unfold in front of my lens. I want to learn more about you and what you want from your wedding day images - what do you envision hanging on your wall or set as the background image on your phone? What really gets you going and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Click below to go to my contact page and tell me what you're thinking. I'll gladly answer any questions you have about the process and how things will go down. I'm here to help! It's not every day that you invest in wedding photography - you have questions and I have answers! I can't wait to talk to you and learn about your vision. Let's make it one to remember.blue