Getting naked (or even half naked) in front of a stranger is scary. I’m not going to lie. I have yet to photograph a boudoir client that isn’t at least a little bit nervous. Most of my clients have never done anything like this, and it’s typically way outside of their comfort zone. While a boudoir session can easily be a gift for someone special, more than anything, I believe it’s an experience that reminds us of what powerful and sensual beings we are as women. It is too easy to lose ourselves in the day-to-day of work, responsibilities and obligation. We pick ourselves apart in the mirror, forgetting where those stretch marks come from and that everyone’s boobs are uneven or that it’s okay to be confident in our power to seduce. I know I’m guilty of this myself. A boudoir photo shoot with me should leave you feeling tenacious, sexy and on top of the world. I’ve heard it referred to as “the boudoir high” by more than one client of mine. And I want it to last for you forever!

Wow! I can't express how far you surpassed my expectations of our shoot! I knew I'd like the photos, but it's hard to find photos of myself I love- especially wearing so little - lol! You made me see something sexy in myself that I didn't see before. My husband always complains that I'm too hard on myself about my appearance and he wishes I saw myself how he does. I can't believe it. I don't just love a few pictures like I had hoped- I love all of them! Every single one!!!

I know you meet many people, you must get tons of compliments with your work- but I just can't end our time together with a simple thank you and nice job! You have a gift. Maybe you've heard that a lot too. But a gift that goes beyond your lens. You can't capture what you do with just a camera. You have to have great intuition and the ability to connect with people you don't even know- wow! Tall order! But you do all of that!

Most of all, I love your artistry. I love the softness in the photos. Photoshop can't do everything you did to make the final product. I could go on. And on. Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for making me see myself through not just your lens, but through your eyes. ~ Kristin, Boudoir Client
From a husband's stand point: whether it’s a present for me or experience for her, my wife’s boudoir photo shoot was the best thing for us both. Of course, the final images speak for themselves, but what really makes it great is the experience Deidra brings to it. From the early stages of making sure everything is set up, to the finished product - she made it so easy for us. Deidra knows the camera, the lighting, the angles. More importantly, the way Deidra made my wife feel about everything from start to finish was incredible. It is definitely an experience that my wife will request again (if not many times), as Deidra is the best thing to happen to boudoir photo shoots.

If you want sexy, eye pleasing images and a great gift for you or your partner - choose Deidra as your boudoir photographer. Deidra knows boudoir.

As frequent visitors to Vegas, we have added another obsession to our traveling; being photographed by Deidra. ~ Lee, Boudoir gift recipient
I just wanted to tell hubby showed some of his guy friends today...from a distance! :) Then they all began having the conversation about how they could get their wives to do it without saying, "We saw Jeff's wife's sexy pictures today…" LOL! Anyway, I know that doesn't help you since we are in Ohio, BUT if you ever come this way.......let me know! Thanks a bunch! ~ Kelly, Boudoir Client
I booked Deidra for a boudoir photoshoot for whilst I was on holiday in Vegas and she was the best person I could have asked for. It was my first time doing any photoshoot, let alone a boudoir session, and she knew exactly how to calm my nerves and prepare me. Her makeup artist did such a beautiful job with my look that I can't thank her enough. The photos arrived quickly and were absolutely beautiful. I cannot recommend her enough. If you want someone to photograph you, it's Deidra. ~ Jasmine, Boudoir Client