Jonathan and Diana | 1 Hour Wedding | Neon Museum

I asked for silly faces, and this is what I got! 🤣 Jonathan and Diana didn’t want their photos to be “too serious” and they delivered! We all know that I LOVE a good Neon Museum wedding. This is what can be accomplished there in just an hour, if you can believe it. Ceremony, photo shoot, lots of shenanigans. Wash, rinse, repeat. This place is magical. ✨✨✨

* rounding the corner to see her groom for the first time *

* the kiss after the kiss *

* 🥂 one for you and one for me 🥂 *

* high fivers for LIFE – this means you guys are besties *

🎰 🎰 🎰

* I mustache you a question *

* please let me know if you’d like your last name in letters if we go to the museum! *

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* one hour elopements are only available on a case by case basis depending on scheduling and workload *