Graeme and Barbara | 2 Hour Wedding | Chapel, Downtown, Neon Museum

These two beautiful humans still make me smile when I look back on their Vegas elopement gallery. It’s only been almost a year since their wedding, so I figured now is a great time to post about it! 😂 Enjoy!!

They tied the knot at A Little White Chapel and then we (quickly) shot all over town. After their ceremony, we traveled to the Smith Center, Downtown and then to the Neon Museum. They rented a car which made transportation super easy between locations. *I would be happy to make transportation recommendations based on our timeline and locations if you’d like! If you’d like information regarding a session or ceremony at the museum, just let me know and I’d love to facilitate that for you guys!*

Love those personalized vows ❤️
It made me cry, too. This is no secret for most of my clients! I loveeee a good ceremony!
A little live stream for the family back home! A Vegas elopement doesn’t mean they can’t be there to support you! 📹
Say yes ❤️

That’s my car. 😂 They had rented a Mustang and also wanted some in front of the Camaro. I secretly love when clients want to shoot with my car. Or on it. Whichever…

These little yellow flowers are the best part of spring in Las Vegas. 🌻
“Show me your best kung fu moves”

I love how this last shot closed out our session. With just as many giggles as we started with. I just ask that you guys show up ready to be silly. And bump hips. And maybe practice some kung fu moves, just in case…

Now it’s your turn! If you want to run away to Vegas and get married, click below and tell me about your wildest wedding dreams. I want to hear about them – and I’d be honored to be there. ❤️