vintage and then some…

Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas

Clients ask me ALL the time where to get married so that I can shoot them. You know…with my fancy pants camera and all 😉 And, just in case you might be planning a little white shindig of your own, here’s your pro tip for the weekend: make sure you can bring your own photographer, or book a quickie shoot for after the ceremony (or both!). This shot happens to be from one of the only venues in town that allows me to shoot you (at no additional charge – bonus points!). It’s a classic and very vintage, but I love that for intimate ceremonies. They’re great to work with and the final images are always very Vegas, but also quite beautiful. If you want to get shot here, by me, just ask me how! Happy Saturday. Keep it real ’til next week!


Las Vegas Chapel Wedding

I post often about the moments of anticipation that lead up to a wedding. I love those moments, and I love capturing them for my clients. For this one, Ben and Claire were sitting in the lobby of the Little White Chapel, waiting for their officiant to lead them outside to the gazebo for their ceremony. We were seated on opposite sides of the room and we were chatting easily as we waited. They were just so at ease and happy sitting there, I couldn’t help but snap a shot of them. Oftentimes a couple will try to pose as soon as the camera comes up to my face, but these two were content to just be. And that’s all I could ever ask for – for someone to feel so comfortable with me that they’re willing to drop their guard and just be. All this a mere 3 minutes after we meet face to face. Love you guys! And so happy you love your images!