A shoot at El Dorado Canyon, also known as Nelson’s Landing, is a bit off the beaten path. It’s 30 minutes to the lakebed and then another 25 minutes down a road into the desert southwest. As you crest the final hill, you drop down into a valley filled with old cars, dilapidated barns and a vintage plane that has been buried nose-first into the hillside. You’ll follow me into the old house where the guy behind the desk will lecture us about cacti, rattlesnakes and zombies. Then we pay our whopping $10 for the privilege to shoot, and off we go. Travel fee of $150 is separate from the session fee.

This is the perfect spot for those that want something no one else will have back home. It has a million backdrops and is a perfect combination with the lakebed for an afternoon of classic Mojave desert. And rattlesnakes. Don’t worry - since I’m usually out front, you’re probably safe.