A quintessential visit for anyone that doesn't live in Las Vegas and locals alike, Red Rock is a pristine place to do a photo shoot. The red and pink sandstone is intertwined with areas of lush greenery you wouldn't expect to see in the Mojave Desert. About 200 days of the year I am in and around Red Rock running, hiking, and climbing - it is simply an awesome place. For these sessions, we will actually shoot at Spring Mountain Ranch - right next door to the park. Located about 20 minutes west of the Strip and at a cool 3500 feet of elevation, Red Rock is the perfect escape to nature from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. This location is great for those that are outdoorsy or want a more natural backdrop for their photo shoot. Ladies - bring flats for hiking! And get ready to be awed by all the nature. There is a separate permit fee of $50, and I handle all insurance and paperwork.